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Food Diary See How You Eat App v3.1.1529 [Mod]


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Food Diary See How You Eat App v3.1.1529 [Mod]
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Easy food diary and food tracker for food journaling and meal tracking

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Looking for a simple app to track your meals? 

You have found the right app. 

Only 3 taps to log a meal. Try it yourself. 

See How You Eat Food Diary app is a simple and easy-to-use photo food journal helping you with food tracking & regular eating — at the same time building healthy eating habits. 


1. See your daily meals at a glance 
2. Easy and simple to use —  take a photo to log your meals
3. Meal reminders
4. Feel more energetic  
5. Become mindful of your eating habits
6. Forget about diets and calorie counting
7. Simple to share your food diary with your coach or friends

With the See How You Eat Food Diary app, you can see at a glance all the meals you’ve had that day, compelling you to make healthy food choices. Photographing your meals encourages you to change your eating habits. Meal reminders help you with regular eating, and you’ll feel more energetic throughout the day. 


• You’ll see at a glance all the meals of the day
• An easy method to log your meals
• Taking photos of meals support mindfulness
• Photo food diary helps you with eating habit change
• Photographing your meals encourages healthy food choices


• Stay energetic throughout the day
• Supports intuitive and mindful eating
• Lose cravings for unhealthy foods 
• Get rid of sugar cravings


• Regular eating means you’re not continuously hungry
• Regular eating means you have more energy
• You learn intuitive eating naturally
• You become aware of your eating patterns 


• According to studies keeping a food diary has multiple benefits
• People who keep a food journal report they make a healthy food choice
• Eat more vegetables and pay attention to the portion size
• Food tracking has multiple benefits for eating habits change 
• Recent studies confirm that photo food tracking raise awareness and change dietary habits


• Eating habits are much more than calorie counting

• Meal plate photo makes you conscious of your nutritional choices
• Are you having vegetables or not?  
• How did you feel that day? Or before or after a meal?
• No detailed nutritional information is needed to you to see how you eat
• Save macros, nutrients, measurements, calorie counting, detailed food & meal tracking for fitness athletes


1. Beautiful daily meal college with meal time stamps
2. Super simple to use - just 3 taps to log a meal
3. Become mindful of your eating
4. Motivates without gimmicks
5. Stay on track with your eating rhythm
6. Meal reminders to help you with regular eating
7. Premium: planning, tracking & sharing options (export your data)
8. Premium: tracking for water, emotions, activity & progress
9. Simple to export your visual food diary with a professional (coach, personal trainer, nutritionist, or doctor)
10. You are free from endless diets and calorie counting

Whether your goal is to feel better, be more energetic, to be healthy and happy, or to learn mindful eating, the See How You Eat food diary eating app helps you succeed. It’s the easiest way to track your meals, and to eat regularly! No reason to go hungry! 

Health Revolution Ltd develops simple & easy-to-use food tracking & nutrition coaching concepts. Our mission is to help people discover the basics of balanced eating habits in a way suitable for today’s hectic lifestyle. We are against calorie counting & crash diets. We stand for intuitive eating. Envisioning a world without dieting.

Subscription terms: 
See How You Eat food diary app is a subscription app that comes with a 7-day FREE trial. SHYE app offers auto-renewing subscriptions to provide unlimited access to all SHYE Premium features while you maintain an active subscription. 

More about terms & conditions here:

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What's New: 
In this update, bug fixes and improvements to date, disappearing photos, and camera quality. So you can enjoy your food tracking.

Design changes to the Custom Sharing option on Premium. More room for notes. 

Share your diaries, and at the same time, you can focus on becoming mindful of your eating habits, fitness journey, allergies, or whatever your reason for keeping a food diary.   

SHYE - Your easiest food diary ever. Food tracker made simple, fun, and effective.

Mod Info:
- Premium features unlocked.
- Inapp items unblocked (workbook)

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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