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Hue Melodi - dance to music v3.5.2 [Paid]


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Hue Melodi - dance to music v3.5.2 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: Hi there! I’m a cute/tiny little app that listens to your music and changes the lights accordingly! Whenever I detect a beat in your music, I’ll change the colors of your lights Your lights will dance to the music like never before.

Captură de ecran

I have an easy-to-use interface without unnecessary bells and whistles. Turn me on, and I‘ll switch your living room into disco-mode in no-time

- Change the microphone sensitivity
- Select a color palette that matches your mood
- Change the brightness range
- Smart beat detection algorithm
- With or without transitions
- Create your own color palettes
- Works in the background
- Dark-mode optimized for OLED displays

- Hook up the bridge
- Select your favourite Hue lights
- Select a color palette
- Put some great music on and the PARTY can begin

Note: From Android 12 onwards, Android shows a scary "HueMelodi pasted from your clipboard" message. This is triggered by the development framework I'm using and beyond my control. 

What's new:
- No Changelog

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More Info:


Download Instructions:
● Armeabi-v7a




● Arm64-v8a



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