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Hydrillo: Water Tracker v3.1.1 [Vip]


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Hydrillo: Water Tracker v3.1.1 [Vip]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: Drink Water with Hydrillo. The only dark Water Tracker and Drink Water Reminder

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Hydrillo is a simple free and smart Water Tracker and Drink Water Reminder.
Get reminded to Drink Water and create a healthy habit.

Our Water Tracker Hydrillo calculates your hydration needs based on your age weight lifestyle and even the climate you live in or just set a personal drink goal. 

Track what you drink by choosing from existing drinks or create your very own drinks.

Get a Drink Water Reminder every x hours or get reminded to refill your glass of water.

 Glowing clear skin 
 Stay in shape and loose weight. Drinking enough water is basis of every professional diet 
 Stress relief 
 Regulates body temperature 
 Water can help against back pain 
 Still tired eyes? Drink Water! 
 Increase productivity 
 Relieve muscle fatigue 
 Headache relief 
 Encourage metabolism 
 Promote digestion. Combat constipation. Drink Water! 
 Drink Water! Water increases your well-being! A sufficient and regular fluid intake is the material condition to reach maximum well being.

 Calculate your personal drink goal in four easy steps or set your own drink goal
 Daily Drink Water Reminder 
 Track your water intake
 Choose between US System (fl. oz) and Metric (L/ml) System.
 Syncs your drinks with Fitbit and Google Fit
 Keep perfect track of your water balance through a simply designed diary
 See your drink history in your drink diary
 Practical widgets provide clear information about your water intake
 Get insights into your water drinking habits and water balance with weekly and monthly statistics
 Choose a color for your Water Reminder light
 Choose your favorite Water Reminder sound
 Combat with your friends workmates and family members by sharing your daily water intake. Start your own drink water challenge.
 Still need extra motivation to keep on track with your water intake? Here you are. Earn over 50 achievements until reaching level 17. 

Upgrade to ADS:
★ No ads

Upgrade to PRO:
★ Unlimited diary
★ Advanced statistics
★ Hydration factor
★ Rapid intake
★ More widgets
★ Auto weather
★ Data export (CSV)
★ + no ads 

Upgrade to VIP:
★ ALL PRO features + no ads 
★ Buy a round for the developer

If you have wishes great ideas or if you just need somebody to talk just write us an email. We would love to hear from you! ✐ [email protected]

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Please support us with a good rating on the Google Play Store.
Your feedback is important.
Thank you! 

Now it's time to fill your glass with water.  

Stay hydrated with Hydrillo. Your Water Tracker & Drink Water Reminder.
Get reminded to Drink Water – keep track of your water intake – create a healthy habit - and improve your health and fitness.

What's New: 
We've further improved the app. #siprepeat
Note: Existing users will eventually have to reconfigure their app widgets.

This app has no advertisements

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