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Extreme Couponing Manager v2.1.1 [Pro]


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Extreme Couponing Manager v2.1.1 [Pro]
Requirements: 7.0 and up
Overview: ECM is the Coupon Manager you've been waiting for a long time.

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Extreme Coupon Manager

 Finally a clever, smart app with which you can manage all your coupons clearly and easily.

 Once you have created your coupon partners (the shops in which you want to use the coupons), you can start depositing the coupons.  These are then stored sorted by partner, value, expiry date including barcode.  This input is made either by entering the EAN code, by camera, via screenshots or via the import function (see below)

 Regardless of whether coupons that apply to the entire purchase or coupons that are specific to a product group are filed, you always have an overview.

 This even works with several partner cards.  It is possible to deposit any number of cards, even from different partners.

 At this point, it is also checked whether you have already entered the respective coupons and/or even used them in a shop with the respective card.  A double use is therefore excluded.

 In the shop you then only select the partner and only the valid and not yet used coupons are displayed.  These are even filtered for coupons of the same type and for those that are about to expire.  After a quick selection that matches what you have in the shopping cart, you can conveniently scan the barcode of the partner card displayed in the app and then only the selected barcodes of the coupons with a swipe at the checkout.  It couldn't be easier.

 It will never happen to you again that you use coupons that are only valid once, have already expired or are not yet valid.

 Another highlight is the import function.  It is no longer necessary to laboriously enter the data and create the coupons.  Easily import hundreds of coupons at once.  Here, too, it is checked which are new and not yet used and only the new ones are assigned to the respective shops.

 The export function is just as awesome.  If you don't want to fiddle around with your cell phone at the checkout, you can easily select the coupons you want to use today at home.  You can then print this out conveniently as a paper version and then redeem it in the shop.  Here, too, the app saves which coupons you have already used.  This means that double use is also ruled out here.

 Share your coupons with friends, relatives or on social networks using the export function.

 No searching around in the mobile phone gallery for the photos of coupons that have already been used.  No tiresome cutting out of coupons from brochures or magazines.  No more sorting coupons by date and store.  With the Extreme Couponing Manager, you get the most out of every purchase and never miss a single coupon again.

 If you like the app, please leave us a rating.  If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, please use the contact button in the app or send us a message.

Note: App is in German language.

What's New: 
 - new design for coupons at some shops
 - Partner Sync -> Error saving correct map
 - QRCode for maps too small -> fixed
 - fixed a few small bugs

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