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Lux Light Meter Photometer PRO v5.5.8 [Premium]


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Lux Light Meter Photometer PRO v5.5.8 [Premium]
Requirements: 8.0+
Overview: Free application to measure the amount of light (in lux) reaching the ambient light sensor

Captură de ecran

Easy and simple. Measure the amount of light and share all results.

- No ads
- Free
- Support many languages
- High accuracy light measurement
- Export all measurements (lx fx W/m2) to CSV file and work with the data like a professionalist!
- Lux and Foot-candle units
- Measures & record minimum average and maximum brightness possible
- Full sensor calibration
- Photovoltaics module - Read the brightness of the sky walls or bright objects
- Share and export measurements
- Helps with selecting light bulbs to install at home and installing a new lighting
- Help relighting school kitchen office and rooms
- Analyze the light level of indoor environments
- Measure indoors & outdoors. Compare the room’s brightness level.
- Light meter to do experiments
- Test flashlights and other light equipment
- Setup projector screen
- Tool for photographer
- Smart minimalistic simple and intuitive user interface (Material Design + WCAG 2.0)
- Instant start & excellent performance
- Full light sensor calibration
- Highest accuracy possible
- Ready for professional & productive usage

The Photometer PRO is a project with a bold vision: Provide free and open access to light measurements and knowledge to everyone around the world.

More info here: https://www.photometer.pro
LikedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/photometer-pro

What's New:
- New module - Audiotunes tool
- You can now save analyzed pictures from RGBtool
- Insight section enchance
- Fixed bug with Workshop tool showing bad values
- Many bug fixes and performance improvements

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions: 



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