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OneYou Accent Icon Pack v1.0 Beta build 2 [Patched] [Proper]


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OneYou Accent Icon Pack v1.0 Beta build 2 [Patched] [Proper]
Requirements: 12.0 and up
Overview: OneYou Accent Dynamic Icon pack - inspired by Samsung One Ui 5 for android 12+... These are icons for custom launchers that change color from wallpaper / accent of system. Icons have a light accent background color and a more saturated same foreground color.

Icon image
Available in application:
- Adaptive / Dynamic icons (10 000+)
- Exclusive thematic Wallpapers.
- For the package to work, you must first open the application to check the license.

How to use:

How do I change the colors of the icons?
After changing wallpaper / accent system, you need to reapply icon pack (or apply another icon pack, and then immediately this one).
With the exception of launchers that automatically update icons.

Where can I find widgets?
On your home screen, long press and select "Widgets", Find "OneYou" in list. Typical way, like accessing regular device widgets.

!Notes! :
1. Read description in full.
2. You need to re-apply icon pack to change colors, except for launchers that are marked (Change Colors Automaticaly).
3. Samsung: To activate Monet on Samsung devices:
- Go into system settings;
- Wallpaper and Styles;
- Set your wallpaper > set the system color palette;
- Now go into your launcher settings > select a Monet supported icon pack;
- For stock Samsung launcher you have to apply icons through Theme Park (same steps).
4. For Search widgets to work, you need to have the Google application and Google Lens installed.
5. Pixel: To change icons on a Pixel:
- (without root access) Set icons only on the home screen using the Shortcut Maker application;
- (rooted) Set icons to both desktop and app drawer with Pixel Launcher Mods app.
6. If something does not work, go to the technical support group in telegram (link below and in application).

Recommended use Launchers:
- Hyperion (Change Colors Automaticaly).
- Niagara Launcher (Change Colors Automaticaly).
- AIO Launcher (Change Colors Automaticaly).
- Action Launcher.
- Nova Launcher.
- Ruthless Launcher.
- Lawnchair.
- ...
- In Pixel Launcher (stock launcher in Pixel devices) work with app Shortcut Maker(no root).
- In Stock One UI Launcher (samsung device) use Theme Park to change color.

What's New: 
First Beta

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More Info:


Download Instructions:



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