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NP Manager v3.0.59


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NP Manager v3.0.59
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: It's mainly a File Manager, with which you can view and edit APK, Dex, Jar, Smali, Pdf, and only open video and audio files.


Mutual conversion of Dex, Jar and Smali files;

Dex file merger and division;

Apk, dex, jar obfuscation and string encryption;

Apk signature, coexistence, removal of signature verification, dialog cancellation, removal of VPN/agent detection;

Res resource confusion (support custom dictionary);

Pdf merge, encrypt, split, extract, remove encryption restrictions, delete pages;

Video transcoding, cutting, extracting audio/video streams, custom audio/video operations;

Folder transcoding GBKUTF-8;

So file view character constant;

Apk reinforcement judgment, Dex editing (batch delete type);

High compatibility string encryption (Apk, dex);

Toolbox (common string conversion, such as base64, des, md5, hexadecimal, Unicode, blanking, etc.);

Convert Smali files to Java;

One click to add Xposed detection, one click to add pop-up windows and dialogs;

Axml decompilation/recompilation, arsc file view character constants;

One key LOG injection, one key to remove all pop-up windows (Toast);

One-click injection string decryption LOG, Dex file change package name;

Multiple Apk string encryption schemes (recommended string encryption in control flow confusion);

One-click to add prohibiting screenshots, one-click to add Apk crash log records;

XML text code formatting;

Dex file view character constants;

Apk Super Obfuscation 3.0-Direct obfuscation of dex with high efficiency, supports four major components of obfuscation, and supports multiple dex

Apk function-DEX confusion and confrontation;

Dex Editor Plus (support searching, editing Smali and viewing character constants);

Support syntax highlighting in editors such as Smali, Java, and AXML;

One-click extraction of Dex confusion dictionary, encryption of resource ID in Dex;

Apk alignment optimization;

Dex batch repair;

Super version removes signature verification;

Encryption protection of assets and res resources;

Dex file comparison;

Text file comparison;

Decompilation of class files and jar packages;

Apk function-control flow obfuscation 5.0-high-efficiency full encryption string, method hiding, encrypted resource id, instruction replacement, dex optimization, etc.;

Dex function-attribute view;

Smali syntax query;

It's a File Manager like "MT Manager" and supports English*

*Note: The interface language changes according to the default device language.

What's New: 
Added the method of removing signature verification -- LspatchSignKiller;
Fix a fatal bug in axml decompilation;
Fix control flow confusion -- two serious bugs in Flatten 2.0.

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