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20 Zooper Themes Collection v5.0

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20 Zooper Themes Collection v5.0
Requirements: 2.2 +
Overview: This is 20+ Zooper Widget Skins all rolled up into one!

So the list will constantly keep growing. We've also added an unreleased widget skin that some of you may have seen on Google + (its a full screen sliding tab skin).
Currently in the app:
-Fallout Pip Boy Skin
-Stacked Skin
-Explicit Skin
-Allure Skin
-Tab-ooh Skin
-Vrrooomm Skin
-Explicit Sidebar
-Aw Snap! Music Widget Pack
-Blackout Skin
-Redemption Skin
-Tokyo Moon Skin
-World War Skin
-Distinct Skin
-Comic Book Skin
-Zooper Plus+ Skin
-Bushido Skin
-Zen Skin
-MW3 Skin
-Explicit Holo Skin
-Dekiru Skin
-Swipe Skin
-Wordplay V2
-Skyrim Skin
-Ingress Resistance Skin
-Nowadays Skin
*Zooper Widget (PRO ONLY): http://spam.com/7cO6t
*Media Utilities142 is the latest Alpha release and is required to make the track progress work (Make sure zooper widget is enabled in Media Utilities Settings as well as Make CoverArt Available.) : http://spam.com/6tCfDA
My Setup:
These widget skins were made on a 720p device.
Desktop grid 10x8 (on a 720 screen. Other size screens may have to play with the gridsize and scaling a little)
No margins
No dock
No Notificatioin Bar

What's New
-Totally revamped (its an actual app now) ^_^!
-Now you can pick and choose which Zooper widget skins you want to download. Each skin will install separately now so you wont have 1 list with over 200 widgets.
-Fixed time out and force close issues.
-Fixed corruption issues.
-Added Stacked and PipBoy Skins

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More Info:

Download Instructions:

20 Zooper Themes Collection v5.0.apk -  48.9 MB

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