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GI Vocabolario di lingua greca v1.0.3 [Unlocked]


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GI Vocabolario di lingua greca v1.0.3 [Unlocked]
Requirements: 4.3+
Overview: The GI of the Greek language vocabulary consists of a large body of voices attested in ancient literature, classical and Hellenistic, in the Imperial Age texts and late antiquity to the early centuries of Christianity, as well as in the testimonies of papyri and epigraphs.

Знімок екрана
The work is characterized by the highest scientific rigor and a strong focus, in setting voices and graphics choices, the needs of the high school students two years.

A great deal of translating and a complex network of examples help you to substantiate the uses and meanings of the registered entries. Numerous voices in return ( "entries-help"), the highlight of constructs and regencies, the clear positioning of the paradigmatic verb forms and reports of variations and morphological features, allow for easy retrieval of information.

The application contains the unique Greek-Italian section of the dictionary (3rd edition) for searchable entries, etymology and throughout the text. In addition, they can obtain the various accessory parts of the work, such as the list of authors and works, collections of ancient texts, papyri and inscriptions. The Index also contains links to the tables shown in Appendix (PDF).

The version of the application be downloaded for free from the store is in test mode and allows the consultation of only the words of the letter "A" (alpha), as an example. You can unlock all of the dictionary content by purchasing a license directly from the app or by creating an account on http://dizionari.loescher.it website and entering the unlock code present on the label of the CD-ROM sold together with Printed copies of the 3rd edition, for copies marketed from 2014 onwards.

Once you download the dictionary entries can be viewed without an internet connection.
• more than 140,000 entries
• 15,000 verbs indicating the paradigmatic voices actually attested in ancient authors
• 130 mirrors summary of the most extensive voices
• indications etymological
• highlighting regencies and remarkable constructs
• signaling of the morphological peculiarities, the graphic variants and dialectal forms, poetry or historical

- Instant Search, Tuttotesto and Etymology
- Ability to search for words in context voices
- Possibility of external research from other Android applications
- Timeline and Favorites
- Adjustable Text Size
- Tables illustrated in PDF

What's New: 
Minor Bug fixes 

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