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Vanced Manager v2 v2.6.3


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Vanced Manager v2 v2.6.3
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: Vanced manager can easily install and uninstall vanced and microg, has various settings for customisation and better experience. The Manager comes with an easy-to-use interface, support for background download and installation.


Introducing: Vanced Manager!

No more will you have to suffer through downloading files through the website and installing them with SAI! No more having to fiddle around with various settings or downloading the wrong version, causing frustration!


But what does Vanced Manager have?

• clean and simple UI
• easily install Vanced and microG directly using the app
• installation guides for all variants of the app (especially for special snowflake MIUI)
• direct downloads without having to go to the website
• notifications when an update for Vanced is available
• changelogs for the latest versions of Vanced
• and much more! (aka I'm too lazy to type out more stuff)


Special thanks goes to the Vanced team and X1into for creating the app.

Don't wait, don't delay, download the Vanced Manager APK here today!

- This is an unofficial version by inotia00.
- Mod version installs vanced version with different package name and icon for both YouTube and YouTube Music and has Vanced MicroG.
- Original Mod installs vanced version with original name and icon for both YouTube and YouTube Music and since it won't need any MicroG, that option is not available in that version.
- YouTube Vanced v17.27.xx seems to have a problem with RYD not working properly. Vanced Manager recognizes that the latest version of YouTube Vanced is v17.26.34 (The next most stable version), but v17.27.xx is also available for download.
- This is not YouTube ReVanced, this is unofficial YouTube Vanced and it has all the features what official YouTube Vanced had..

What's New: 
- The first version that migrated Custom Vanced Manager to GitHub
- Apply latest commit from TeamVanced/VancedManager
- Firebase Removed
- Update some strings
- Use the latest build tools
- App optimization
- Add Github Pages to Social Media
- Change versionCode (262 → 220712)

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:







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