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PAW Patrol Rescue World v2022.4.0 (Latest Update)


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PAW Patrol Rescue World v2022.4.0 (Latest Update)


PAW Patrol Rescue World Apk info

PAW Patrol Rescue World APK Game is a game that will immerse you in the universe of this well-known cartoon series that so many children all over the world watch and love. You’ll get to select your favorite characters and experience exciting adventures while you play a variety of fun minigames.

Game Features :

Fun games designed for boys & girls in Pre school & Kindergarten! No job is too big, no pup is too small!

PLAY WITH YOUR FAVORITE PUPS – The Pups are ready to go! Ride around Adventure Bay with Chase, Skye, Marshall, Zuma and Rocky (More pups added soon!). Each pup has a special skill and vehicle for all your rescue needs.

EXPLORE & PLAY – There’s a ton of things to see and do all throughout Adventure Bay! You’re free to explore. The more you play the game, the more things you’ll unlock in each area!

HERO MISSIONS – PAW Patrol™ to the lookout! Choose the Pup that is best for your mission and help save the day.

RESCUE – Help the people of Adventure Bay and win fun rewards for your Pups.

PUP TREATS – Each mission you complete will earn a reward! Find hidden treats around town!

In PAW Patrol Rescue World, you’ll find a gameplay that’s even easy enough for young children to manage. From the main menu, you can select the levels you want to play, although you’ll also find other more impromptu challenges. In any case, the 3D graphics and the striking soundtrack help you to feel immersed in the PAW Patrol atmosphere.

In some of the challenges, you’ll get the chance to drive some of the most emblematic vehicles from the TV series. To do this, you’ll slide your finger on the screen in order to move each car from one side of the screen to the other. This is how you’ll earn rewards that will help you fill the chest that appears in the upper right corner of the screen. This will allow you to move on to the next challenge where you’ll find new adventures.

PAW Patrol Rescue World brings you a ton of minigames related to the rescue vehicles and the stories told in the popular cartoon series. It’s up to you to control each character in the best possible way in order to complete each challenge and score tons of points while having a great time.

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Calling all Moto Pups! The Ruff Ruff pack are up to some Wheel Trouble, and we need the PAW Patrol to stop them! Come and explore the Moto world, with new missions and super fast races!

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