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Banana Kong Mod APK v1.9.7.21 (Bananas/Hearts)


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Banana Kong Mod APK v1.9.7.21 (Bananas/Hearts)


Banana Kong Apk info

Banana Kong Mod APK Game is a platform game in which you, a friendly gorilla, have to run nonstop to get as far as possible in each level – well, run and also jump, glide, and even dive.

Game Features : 

Cloud Save

HD Display support

Full Game Services integration

Ride animals

One thumb controls

10 seconds from launching the game to playing it.

The game follows the same rules as most ‘endless runners’: running while trying to dodge all of the obstacles in your path, since an enormous avalanche of bananas is in pursuit and will pile on top of you if you’re not fast enough.

In Banana Kong, running isn’t always enough: you may have to fly or swim in certain sections of the game. That may mean grabbing onto a toucan to take to the sky, where there are other obstacles to avoid, or you may have to dive into the water and get past crocodiles and piranhas.

Banana Kong Mod APK is a fun platform game with awesome graphics. All of the levels and characters seem to have been hand-drawn, giving you the impression that you’re watching a great cartoon.

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Maintenance Update

MOD Info

Many bananas and lives

Download Banana Kong APK

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