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Metal Soldiers 2 v2.84 (Unlimited Money)


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Metal Soldiers 2 v2.84 (Unlimited Money)


Metal Soldiers 2 Apk info

Metal Soldiers 2 Mod APK Game  is the sequel to the action and platform game where you put yourself in the shoes of a mercenary whose mission it is to get as far as possible by surviving the attacks from hundreds of rival soldiers.

This game is a combination of ability and action where you have to beat increasingly difficult levels and improve your aim. You’ll start the game by completing a tutorial that will help you get a grasp on all the moves you need to kill any object no matter where or when you find it. Once you’ve understood all these movements, you’ll begin the first level. Each and every one of the levels will give you a different challenge where you’ll have to kill all the enemies and arrive safe and sound to the helicopter that then takes you to the next.

As you play, you’ll have to survive shots from other soldiers, bombs that fall from the sky, and closed doors that only open once you’ve shot the correct target. You’ll also have to join a tank battle and complete the level before you run out of time. Enjoy Metal Soldiers 2 and test your aim and skill in levels so intense they’ll give you a heart attack.

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