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Moon Phase Calendar - MoonX v2.2.5 (Premium)


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Moon Phase Calendar - MoonX v2.2.5 (Premium)
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Lunar phase widget, moon calendar, daily horoscope and affirmations, birth chart

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Lunar phase widget, moon calendar, daily horoscope and affirmations, birth chart

Imagine you could have a piece of space right in your pocket and have access to the most accurate information and most precise knowledge about the Moon and its influence on all spheres of life. 

This application is designed to help you find simple answers to complicated questions that you may have. If you find inspiration and beauty in the sky above you, our application is the right one for you as we have worked tirelessly to offer you the best experience.

Always be aware of Moon Phases and Lunar Days, as well as the Current appearance of Luna,
Check out the Actual Moon phase, Void of Course Moon, Actual Moon age and Actual Moon day,
Have fun telling everyone the exact Current distance to the Moon and Real-time Moon data,
Keep track of the percentage of moonlight and Moon and Sun Rise and Set times,
Schedule a date with the help of the Moon Compass pointing to the Moon,
On a cloudy night, always have access to the Live Moon and Moon view for any date,
With the MoonX application you will have a Complete Moon Phase Calendar with daily tips and advice in your pocket.  
Set up handy notifications for upcoming Moon phases and lunar events and
Check the current Moon and Zodiac Sign in the Notification Center Widget,
Receive news updates to have the most actual information. 
Plan your upcoming month based on the Actual Lunar zodiac sign and
Follow Moon Calendar for past and future events,
Select your preferred Zodiac approach and learn its meaning.
Get inspired by Affirmations and share the most genuine ones in Instagram stories,
Dive deeper in Affirmations and gain a better understanding of their meaning with flip screens,
Practice the advice prepared specifically For You and watch your life improve every day,
Be the first one to learn about Moon events with the News section.
Select your preferred location and see all Moon characteristics in any spot on the Globe.
Save the Moon image to your camera roll and share the current Moon with explanations.
Enjoy the full set of MoonX features on iPhone and iPad.

Check out the full list of MoonX features:

• Complete Moon Calendar
• Lifestyle calendar
• Moon Phases and Lunar Days
• Actual Moon phase, Moon day and age
• Void of Course Moon
• Affirmations and Meditations
• Informational articles on the Moon Energy
• Birth Chart
• Moon and Sun zodiac signs
• Moon appearance for any date
• Moon and Sun Rise and Set time
• Customized Notifications of upcoming Moon phases and lunar events
• Various Widgets with Moon Data 
• Real-time Moon data
• Moon Compass pointing at the Moon
• Live Moon
• Vast sharing options
• Synchronization with social networks
• Family subscription
• Localization
• Variety of astronomical data
• Variety of mobile platforms support

Have we missed something? Please take a moment to rate the App and write a review. We read all comments and use them to make improvements for you.

What's New: 
The Moon is growing and so is our excitement about the new improvements to the application!

• We have fixed birth chart calculation upon transition between Tropical and Sidereal zodiac,
• The signs in the profile are now displayed more accurately,
• Insight is now truly insightful: only filled articles are shown in this section.
Enjoy your day and remember: the Moon is watching!

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