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YouTube ReVanced v17.25.34 (Root)(RVP v2.11.0)


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YouTube ReVanced v17.25.34 (Root)(RVP v2.11.0)
Requirements: 6.0+
Overview: Enjoy your favorite videos and channels without ADS and with Background Play on this YouTube app.


YouTube ReVanced is a Project Based on YouTube Vanced. Currently It's in initial Stage & Have Basic Youtube Vanced Features. As YouTube Vanced Project is Closed. Youtube ReVanced is supposed to Continue its Legacy Unofficially. No root is needed to install. No need to uninstall official YouTube, it can install as a secondary YouTube.

Patches Details:

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★ Compiled APK with:
• Latest ReVanced Patches v2.11.0
• Latest ReVanced CLI v2 3.3
• Latest ReVanced Integrations v0.21.9
• Skipped Custom Branding Patch to Keep the Logo Original
★ Compiled By RBMods

★ How to Install-
-Flash lsposed in magisk
-install luckypatcher and enable the app in lsposed modules list, this asks for a reboot
-open luckypatcher, head to Toolbox>patch to android>enable signature verification patches and test those patches

-if did correctly, you can install mod apps over your currently installed original apps without any data loss
-in case of apps with ads like youtube, its better to clear cache first, then install mod app like vanced.
★ Method Told By 【Dr.Death】

★ How To Use Swipe Controls-

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What's New: 
- Base updated to YouTube v17.25.34
- New 2.11.0 revanced optimizations and fixes

This app has credit advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:
ReVanced Root-

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