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Mood Tracker Self-Care Balance v1.01.14.0707 (Pro)


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Mood Tracker Self-Care Balance v1.01.14.0707 (Pro)
Requirements: 6.0 and up
Overview: Have you ever suffered from stress bad emotions poor sleep etc? Do you want to make yourself feel prepared and positive? Do you need a friend who accompanies you and listens to you? At Mood Tracker self-care is taking steps to tend to your

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What is mood tracker?
 Mood Tracker - Self-Care Tracker & Habit Tracker  is a free self-care pet app. You can use it to do mood tracking habit tracking self care tracking and activity tracking by choosing your daily mood activities and taking a mood journal. Take care of your pet by taking care of yourself! While recording easily you can get in-depth emotion tracking data analysis to help you know more about your mental health. Day by day you will see changes in yourself. 
Reasons for choosing this emotion tracker app
  Professional and free Self care tracker app 
Mood Tracker - Self-Care Tracker & Habit Tracker is an emotion tracking app that helps people improve their mental health by following good habits getting rid of anxiety and depression.
The "Mood Tracker - Self-Care Tracker & Habit Tracker" also provides some selfcare practices to help users like meditate sleep tracking gratitude diary and decompression games.

  Get your mood tracker pet 
With Mood Tracker - Self-Care Tracker & Habit Tracker  you will have a penguin friend. 
Boost your pet's emotions by feeding it and completing habits tracking tasks. You'll make yourself happier and healthier at the same time.
As your self care tracker pet whether you are in a bad mood or happy mood it will always be with you and listen to you.

  Learn from your experiences 
 Mood Tracker - Self-Care Tracker & Habit Tracker  aims to better connect how daily routine impacts how they’ve been feeling.
Emotion tracker is a mental health tracking tool that helps you see the daily mood tracker patterns of what else is going on when you’re feeling irritable depressed or anxious.
With Mood Tracker - Self-Care Tracker & Habit Tracker you can see the mood balance between mooda and activities. Which actions lead to good mood or bad mood. Also you will understand the impact of habits tracker on emotions.
Keep using this emotion tracking self-care tracker app then you will get mood balance reports and mood meters. 

  Good Habits tracker 
Have you heard of the 50 best habits in life? Then find them in this app.
Good habits always bring happiness. Mood tracker is a free habit tracking app which helps you set goals to build habits and solve your bad habits. 
With this app you can track habits complete status you can get habit tracking reminders. 

  Easy and beautiful Mood journal 
The simple interface of  Mood Tracker - Self-Care Tracker & Habit Tracker  allows you to record daily mood balance and track habits easier then get plenty of emotion tracking graphs trends over time. 
Keeping a mood journal anxiety journal and bullet journal is a fun way to keep track of emotions and mental health.

  Calendar view 
 Mood Tracker - Self-Care Tracker & Habit Tracker  provides an emotion tracking calendar perspective. Make it easier for users to have a general view of daily emotion change and mood balance.

  Sync and backup - Never lose 
Sync your emotion tracking records and habit tracking history to the cloud via google drive never lost.
Checking and tracking habits and moods on different devices.

  Habit tracker and mood balance Widget 
Add the mood balance widget to the desktop of the phone. Then you will access your daily mood tracker anytime anywhere.
Add the habit tracker widget to your phone never miss the important tracked habits.

In summary  Mood Tracker - Self-Care Tracker & Habit Tracker   is really a good emotion tracker habit tracker self care tracker and mental health app and worthy of your installation and try. 

If any contact us at [email protected]

Mod Info:
◉ Pro Features Unlocked
◉ Unlimited clovers
◉ AOSP Compatible / No Google
◉ CPUs arch: Universal
◉ Full Multi Languages
◉ All debug Info Removed
◉ Original Signature Changed
Modded by Mixroot

What's New: 
 Easy and beautiful mood tracker
 Professional and free Self care tracking app
 Getting your mood tracking pet for free.
 Free and intelligent habit tracker
 Powerful mental health data analysis and report. 
 User friendly and small size

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