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Pixel Minimal Watch Face - Watch Faces for WearOS v2.1.1 (Premium)


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Pixel Minimal Watch Face - Watch Faces for WearOS v2.1.1 (Premium)
Requirements: 7.1
Overview: Pixel inspired Watchface, battery efficient, with complications support

Screenshot image

Wear OS Pixel inspired Watch Face with 4 unlockable widgets.

- Minimalist design, inspired by Pixel
- Battery efficient: Native code, optimized to use as little energy as possible
- Privacy friendly: Does not track you, code is open source if you want to check that by yourself
- Unlock 4 widgets, weather display and watch/phone battery indicators by becoming a premium user, using the phone companion app (available on Android only)
- Compatible only with Wear OS 2 & 3+ (Samsung watches before the Galaxy Watch 4 aren't compatible)

If you face any issue using the watchface, please contact me: [email protected]

Source code is available here: https://github.com/benoitletondor/PixelMinimalWatchFace

What's New: 
New features: 
- Premium users: (Beta) phone notification icons displayed on your watch, just like on Pixel phones!
- You can now set a different color for the time and date
- You can now hide the logo in ambient mode
- Revamped settings with WearOS 3 theme
- Bug fixes and optimizations

Be sure you update both the watch and phone apps and let me know if something's not working.

This app has credit advertisements

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