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Vpn Ukraine - Get Ukrainan Ip v1.92 (Pro)


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Vpn Ukraine - Get Ukrainan Ip v1.92 (Pro)
Requirements: Android 4.4+
Overview: VPN Ukraine - unlimited VPN app. Helps get Ukrainian IP or unblock sites.

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VPN Ukraine - unlimited VPN app. Helps get Ukrainian IP or unblock sites.

VPN Ukraine is a fast and free of charge VPN service trusted by over 500,000 users. Thanks to our app, you'll get a Ukrainian IP address with a single click or regain access to websites and applications blocked in Ukraine. Secure and confidential connection is ensured by OpenVPN connection technology featuring a 2048-bit key generated with OpenSSL or by an even faster Shadowsocks connection.

VPN is usually downloaded for the following purposes:
1. Changing IP address from current to VPN server's.
2. Visiting websites and opening apps blocked by ISP.
3. Bypassing regional blockings (e.g., opening content available only in Ukraine).
4. Ensuring ISP remains unaware of visited websites. Since VPN provides anonymous access to websites and applications, the only thing your ISP notices is a VPN connection. All the traffic undergoes encryption with a 2048-bit key.

What are the reasons for downloading VPN Ukraine?

+ A broad range of Ukrainian VPN servers covering almost all data center deployment locations in Ukraine.
+ 100% free of charge VPN service, always.
+ Since no user registration is required, you can start using our app immediately after downloading it.
+ No traffic restrictions.
+ Supports all connection types.

+ Opens content available only in Ukraine (e.g., video services or YouTube videos).
+ Bypasses ISP blockings.
+ Torrent support (in PRO version only)

+ Provides anonymous access to websites and apps.
+ Changes IP address.
+ No logging / user data storing.

+ As a matter of convenience, there are two separate connection buttons. The 1st instantly connects to a Ukrainian VPN, while the 2nd establishes connection to a VPN selected from the list. It's as easy as pie. If you need to unblock certain websites, just select a server in another country and connect to it. If you need to get a Ukrainian IP, connect to a VPN server in Ukraine at the click of a button.
+ Searches for the closest server for maximum speed.
+ Searches for a server with the minimum number of connections.
+ Constantly growing server base around the globe.

Our Servers
Our server pool is mostly Ukraine-based, but we also provide servers in all key locations around the globe including the following: Germany, France, England, Russia, the U.S., and Singapore. All key countries were added to the PRO version as well as some more exotic server locations including Malaysia, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, Spain, and many others.
PRO Version
Reliable servers with a minimum number of clients. Up to 3 - 5 clients are connected to a particular server, as a rule. Our servers are constantly monitored and if client number exceeds 10, we launch a new server.
Free Version Offered with Ads
Most users prefer free servers. Free VPN servers' client base is 10-to-30 times larger than PRO's, according to statistics. This statistics certainly affects the connection speed. In case of increase in client number, we add a new server. Free servers can prove themselves quite useful, but sometimes one of them becomes overloaded. In this case you should connect to another or use PRO – there's a free trial for 7 days.

In case of encountering malfunctions when using a certain server, please avoid leaving a 1 star rating. The best option would be to find another server or contact our support team: [email protected].

We are ready to add new locations. Feel free to inform us at [email protected] in case you need a PRO server in a certain country.

What's New: 
Fixed bugs

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