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Renegade Racing Mod APK v1.1.6 (Money)


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Renegade Racing Mod APK v1.1.6 (Money)


Renegade Racing Apk info

Renegade Racing Mod APK Game is a driving game that puts you behind the wheel of different construction vehicles. Your ultimate goal? To reach the finish line before your opponents. You’ll soon realize that you can easily perform a bunch of stunts in the air, no matter how sturdy these vehicles seem to be.

Renegade Racing pairs you with rivals from all over the world to fill the starting grid in a few seconds. When the traffic lights turn green, your only goal will be to floor the gas pedal and surpass your opponents. Your place in the race is shown on the roof of your car and updated in real-time.

Renegade Racing includes different action-packed settings. The more stunts you perform, the more energy you earn to increase your vehicle’s speed. This technique gives you an advantage over the rest of the vehicles and gives you a fighting chance to earn that coveted first place.

Hit that gas pedal as hard as you can and surpass each and every one of your opponents thanks to your sturdy vehicles. Each stunt you perform improves your turbo and your speed. Leave your rivals behind with Renegade Racing.

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Race your way to victory in this brand new update!
- Speed through a new themed world "Green Hills"
- 4 new vehicles to unlock and upgrade, including "Time Machine" and "Legendary"
- General fixes and improvements
- Improved performance and loading times

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