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Guild of Heroes – fantasy RPG v1.137.4 (God Mode)


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Guild of Heroes – fantasy RPG v1.137.4 (God Mode)


Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG Apk info

Guild of Heroes Mod APK Game is an RPG with isometric perspective set in a medieval fantasy world. As you play, you’ll have to face the forces of evil. No, it’s not a particularly original approach, but it’s a solid formula for a decent game.

The gameplay in Guild of Heroes is just as you would expect: touch the screen to move your character freely through the (small) settings and tap on enemies to attack them automatically. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a few different skills that you can choose from, which result in more damaging attacks.

The missions in Guild of Heroes are relatively short, lasting around two or three minutes. Between missions, you can visit the main town in the game. There, you can buy new equipment or sell pieces you no longer want.

Guild of Heroes Mod APK is a traditional RPG. Although it’s not very original, it’s still a fun game with excellent visuals in a kind of charming Dungeons and Dragons style.

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◆ From now on, you can use Boss Souls to boost your ultimate abilities for a while. Tap on the button in your ultimate ability’s info window for more details.
◆ The current numerical values of mana confused many players, so Redwin decided to make them more understandable and convenient. The numerical values were reduced while the mana spending/acquisition ratio remains the same.

MOD Info

1. When you pay for something with diamonds your purchase will always be succesful.
2. Improvements for diamonds are free.
3. Everything bought for diamonds is free.
4. No Skill CD
5. God Mode

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