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Bid Wars Mod APK v2.52.3 (Money)


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Bid Wars Mod APK v2.52.3 (Money)


Bid Wars - Auction Simulator Apk info

Bid Wars Mod APK Game is a strategy game that’s based on those popular reality TV shows where people bid on abandoned storage units. It’s a great way to have fun as you participate in exhilarating auctions. With such a simple gameplay, it won’t be long before you’re bidding high for the contents of each location.

The graphics in Bid Wars a great, showing all the characters and settings in 2D. Your main mission in the game is to select one of the storage units on the map and start bidding on its content. The best part is when you discover the objects inside of each of the more the 300 possible units.

As you advance through the levels, it’ll become more difficult to win the auctions. The rest of the characters will also be interested in each storage unit, so you’ll have to devise the best strategy to win each auction without having to resort to bidding exorbitant amounts of money.

With Bid Wars Mod APK , you’ll have a great time while you bid virtual money on the content of each storage unit. You’ll even have some help that will allow you to take different characters out of the auction and become an expert in this business.

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Unlimited Money

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