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Head Model Studio v1.1.7 [Premium]


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Head Model Studio v1.1.7 [Premium]
Requirements: 5.1+
Overview: Learn to draw portraits. Reference tool for artists.

Captură de ecran

Draw better portraits with Head Model. Study faces in detail from simple planes to complex geometry. It is the best Android application to learn and study faces in detail. Take your sketches to the next level.

Inspired by the Loomis & Asaro methodologies, Head Model comes with more than 25 different models, including 2 free. From simple to more detailed models, progress easily by understanding the planes of the face. Expand your practice with 5 classical models.

You have complete control over the 3D models. Zoom, tilt, and rotate to study each part of the model at will.

Realistic environmental lighting based on HDR photos, recreate a sunrise, midday, or sunset illumination. Switch to Studio Lighting to create amazing lighting composition with multiple spotlights and different colors.
Change the lighting to be at any angle or intensity. Perfect to study the planes of the head and understand tones. 

The edge outline highlights the planes for easier practice. Turn it off once comfortable and practice in a more realistic setting. Modify the shininess for a different material rendering.

Head Model Studio offers a couple of free models. A premium access is required to access the rest of the models. Lifetime and Yearly (not a subscription) options are available.

I love coding and drawing, feel free to reach out, and tell me what feature you'd love to see in the app.

What's New: 
New morph feature for some models.
• New male model inspired by the Reilly method.
• New gesture, use double fingers to drag the model.
• Improved head tilt.
• Improved outline for some models.
• Fix crash on some devices.

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