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Dig - Emulator Front-End v1.42.1 [Premium]


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Dig - Emulator Front-End v1.42.1 [Premium]
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: This is an emulator front-end that will painlessly organize your retro game collection. 

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NOTE: THIS IS NOT A GAME!! If you don't know what emulators and front-ends are this app is not for you!

This is an emulator front-end that will painlessly organize your retro game collection. 

Little to no set-up is necessary in many cases. Dig will automatically scan your device for games, download cover art, and assign emulators.

However, you must supply your own games and install the emulators yourself. Dig will take you to the Play Store pages of emulators that are not installed.

Other features include

* Support for 83 systems and counting
* Merged game sets
* Android homescreen game launching
* 6 game view types
* customizable themes with (optional) background pictures, videos, and music/sound effects
* voice search
* support for zipped CD images

and more!

Credits https://digdroid.com/credits.html

For more information please visit our website. https://digdroid.com

What's New: 
* Game scanning can now be aborted
* ScummVM for RetroArch working, and other small fixes

* The list of extensions recognized by systems can now be edited (in manage system menu)
* 'Legacy emulator' setting added to the 'Edit emulators' dialog. Try this if an emulator was working before in Dig but not now. Doesn't work for PPSSPP unfortunately.

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