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Kids Place Parental Controls v3.8.41 [Premium]


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Kids Place Parental Controls v3.8.41 [Premium]
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Overview: An app launcher with parental controls & child lock that protects your personal data and restricts kids to apps you have approved. Kids Place Parental Control app also prevents children from downloading new apps, making phone calls, texting or performing other actions that can cost you money.

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Kids Place is a parental control app created for parents who want to monitor the activities of their children and keep them away from adult content, specific apps, dangerous/adult websites
and check their Screen Time, besides monitoring their activities on YouTube, phones, tablets, and customize control features.

It also facilitates parents to know as how to use different devices. Kids Place parental control app enables you to decide which app and tool can be accessed by your children so that they can have fun online in the safest and the most convenient way.

Have you set a time limit on your children's phone usage or have put a screen time control, but they are more interested in your phone?

✓ You can launch Kids Place on your device while handing it over to them or it can be installed directly on their phone.

Do you want your children to have a limited access to certain apps, or want to keep them away from dangerous sites or unwanted videos that you feel not are not suitable for their age?

✓ Select all the apps they can use and restrict access to these apps while lending your phone.

Are you worried that your children’s can accidentally download paid apps or buy credits for a game?

✓ Activate blocking options on your device for purchases from Google Play and don't allow download of new app.

If you hate playing secret agent and don’t want to spoil the day but are concerned that your children might come in contact of people you do not want them to hang out with?

✓ Kids Place provides blocking option for calls and SMS, even when you are not with your children.

Free Wi-Fi zones are useful but a nightmare for you while trying to keep your children safe online?

✓ With Kids Place, you can disable all wireless signals to have peace of mind.

Keeping up with the times and technologies is fine, but you feel your children should use it with moderation.

✓ You can set a timer to limit the use of phone or just some apps by children.

You think you're smart, but afraid that your children are smarter than you?

✓ Children can neither bypass parental control settings nor delete the app. Upon the first launch, you just need to set a PIN, which will make it impossible to exit or delete the app.

With the Free version you can enjoy following features:

✓ Limit accessibility of apps from your device

✓ Activate Kids Place on unlimited devices

✓ Have a 24/7 support

Kids Place also offers a premium paid version to allow you higher level of control

With the Premium version, you can also:

✓ Create custom user profiles based on the child you hand over the phone to
✓ Set a daily timer for the phone or for apps that your kid may use

✓ Change the name of the app and run it in the background to let your child feel free

✓ Be sure to automatically restart the app every time the device is turned on
✓ Block app uninstall and protect your PIN

The Premium feature is particularly suitable when Kids Place is installed directly on your children's phones. The Premium version can provide better usage in case of business phones or those linked to professional use, and if only certain functions are to be used like calls, use or installation of apps, and so on.

★This app uses the Device Administrator's permission. This is completely optional but is requested if parents want to tamper proof the app for kids.

Thanks to complementary products, which can be easily integrated with Kids Place, parental control can also be extended to web browsing and online video viewing:

App Features

• Block or restrict all app activity
• Approve app downloads
• Block certain times of the day like bedtime
• Block web content inappropriate for your kid
• Device time management
• Track your children with GPS phone location
• Daily summary of your kid’s app and web usage
• Child lock in phone
• Child lock app for android
• Parental control on android

Only Premium features are unlocked, not subscription based features.

What's New: 
This update of Kids Place Parental Controls App has following changes:
1. Fix for flickering issue. 
2. Improved Apps Blocking Logic

This app has no advertisements

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