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Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod APK v1.43.1 (Unlimited Coins)


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Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod APK v1.43.1 (Unlimited Coins)


Angry Birds Dream Blast Apk info

Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod APK Game is a match-3 puzzle game where you aim to pop colored bubbles in order to make certain goals. The main idea, in any case, is simple: whenever you pop four or more bubbles that are the same color, an Angry Bird will show up to help you pop even more colored bubbles.

Game Features : 

Cute characters and toony animations that guide you through a wacky fantasy world

A bubble blasting puzzle game that’s relaxing and easy to play anytime & anywhere

Unleash the special powers of your favorite Angry Birds characters and solve puzzles!

Team up with friends who can help you along the way!

Over 5000 levels of brainteasing puzzles to solve! Challenge yourself to reach the DREAM PEAK

Angry Birds Dream Blast is very similar to that of Diamond Diaries Saga or other similar titles, particularly in terms of its gameplay. Each level is filled with all different colored bubbles that bounce around according to the standard laws of physics. So anytime you pop a bunch of them, the rest scatter and bounce away in turn.

For each level you’ll need to complete a number of objectives in order to move forward. In some levels you’ll have to break blocks of ice, in others you’ll capture eggs, and sometimes all you have to do is pop a bunch of colored bubbles. In total there are about a hundred different levels.

Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod APK is a fun puzzle game, that doesn’t offer anything particularly novel. But it does have nice graphics and plenty of levels to keep you entertained for hours and hours.

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Summer is finally here! Have fun with the birds on a sunny holiday at the beach. Surf on puzzles to get POWERFUL rewards and EXCLUSIVE avatars.

MOD Info

- Unlimited Lives
- Unlimited Coins
- Unlimited Boosters

Download Angry Birds Dream Blast APK



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