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Roll the Ball Mod APK v22.0516.19 (Unlocked)


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Roll the Ball Mod APK v22.0516.19 (Unlocked)


Roll the Ball® - slide puzzle Apk info

Roll the Ball Mod APK Game is a highly interesting app that puts your mental skills and visual acuity to the test. If you enjoy puzzles – particularly sliding puzzles – then you’ll have a terrific time with this spot-on version of the popular breainteaser.

Game Features : 

Thought-provoking brain teaser to improve your agility and hand-eye coordination!

FREE simple yet extremely addicting puzzle game

Over 3,000 challenging LEVELS to solve! Get sliding!

No penalties & time limits! Enjoy at your own pace~

Bonus rewards & hints available to guide you.

In Roll the Ball your mission is pretty simple: you have to rearrange the puzzle pieces in such a way that you create a path that gets the ball to its destination safe and sound. In short, it involves connecting point A with point B.

Despite how simple the idea is, you’ll find multiple obstacles in each round. In other words, starting out, the pieces are out of order, so you’ll have to devise a decent path, keeping in mind that in this kind of puzzle moving a single piece can be a real odyssey. Plus you’ve got to make an effort to create the path in such a way that the ball picks up the stars on its way down. Once you get a certain number of stars you can unlock higher levels in the game.

Roll the Ball Mod APK is, in short, a terrific game that brings together mental challenges, exciting missions, endless levels, and much, much more. Try it now and discover your new favorite game.

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21.0218.09 Update Note :
Bug Fixes
- Minor Bug fixed
Performance improvements
Have Fun & Enjoy!

MOD Info

lot Hints
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Download Roll the Ball® - slide puzzle APK



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