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Merge Dragons Mod APK v9.5.2 (Free Shopping)


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Merge Dragons Mod APK v9.5.2 (Free Shopping)

Merge dragons to solve hard puzzles and heal the land!


Merge Dragons! Apk info

Merge Dragons! Mod APK Game  is a skill-based game that challenges you to face a ton of different puzzles, discover hidden pieces and give them never before seen powers. If you like puzzles and you want to enjoy a new adventure filled with mystery, discover all kinds of hidden landscapes.

Gameplay in this adventure is really simple so both young and older can enjoy this adventure full of tiny creatures. In order to solve the puzzles and complete the levels, you have to place three of the same pieces together. The Merge Dragons! board is receptive to your movements, so the only thing you have to do is gather three identical shapes in order to grant them a greater power and continue combining them with other same looking ones.

As you advance through the different levels in this adventure, it’ll start getting trickier because parts of the shapes that you have to use will be blocked, which puts you in a pickle that you have to solve with the tools available to you.

In Merge Dragons Mod APK! you can combine practically anything and all your merges will have some sort of consequence over the landscape. Face the more than 600 different stages and discover hundreds of objects that you can interact with and discover powers that’ll make you stronger in this amazing adventure.

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- Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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