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THE GAME OF LIFE 2 Mod APK v0.2.95 (Unlocked)


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THE GAME OF LIFE 2 Mod APK v0.2.95 (Unlocked)

Play the sequel to Hasbro's classic family board game THE GAME OF LIFE on mobile


The Game of Life 2 Apk info

THE GAME OF LIFE 2 Mod APK Game- More choices, more freedom! – continuation of an interesting Board game with new features. The user can re-try yourself in the role of the character, going by your way of life. To begin with, the player will have to create a character, after which he will depart in your journey. For the protagonist will have to make important decisions that will affect his fate. Successful actions will lead to rewards that will enable the creation of new game worlds, clothing, and other curious and useful items with THE GAME OF LIFE 2 Mod

Game Features : 

A CONTEMPORARY SEQUEL TO HASBRO’S CLASSIC BOARD GAME – THE GAME OF LIFE 2 drives the original from yesterday to today

A FULL, AD-FREE GAME – Don’t worry about flashy adverts, in-game currency or pay-to-win limits! You can enjoy the complete game in a safe environment for kids and adults both online and offline

OPTIONAL SEASON PASS – Seek out additional boards, including ‘Fairytale Kingdom’, with the optional GAME OF LIFE 2 Season Pass to unlock new additional themes and outfit choices!

SINGLE PLAYER – There’s no such thing as playing alone when you take on our challenging AI

ONLINE MULTIPLAYER – Distance doesn’t interrupt play when you connect with fans around the world or invite friends and family to a private game

PASS & PLAY – No internet? No problem! Simply pass a single device between up to 4 players for an offline wifi-free experience

Download Links


Live the life of your dreams in the Fairytale Kingdom! In this event, you get the whole world until April 10th, including:
- 6 exclusive Outfits
- 8 specialised Vehicles
- New jobs - Druid, Fairy, Tower Guard, Alchemist, Bard, Dragon Tamer and more!
- A magical board under a moonlit sky
- You can own it forever and save 50% for a limited time only! Sale ends April 10th.
Explore a world like no other in The Game of Life 2!

MOD Info

All paid worlds, costumes, vehicles and skins are unlocked.

Download The Game of Life 2 APK



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