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Web Ad Blocker & Ad Remover v2.0 [Premium]


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Web Ad Blocker & Ad Remover v2.0 [Premium]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: Are you fed up with advertisements while surfing the internet on a browser or watching videos and playing games online that ads consume expensive data and disturb you so desire to block ads or stop ads? 

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Supports all browsers
Block Ads for Chrome Samsung Internet Firefox Opera UC Yandex Microsoft Edge Dolphin and all other android browsers.

Ad remover is the best way to get rid of intrusive ads pop-up ads and online tracking. The ad killer app makes Internet surfing faster and safer because of the integrated advertisement blocker filter ublock origin and block advertisement in web browsers. Adblock gives extensive protection because the ad blocker app not only filters annoying advertisements but also can protect you from trackers malware and spamming.

Why use Web Ad Blocker and Ad Remover:
 All types of advertisement block
 Free ad blocker for chrome android and other browsers.
 Saves Internet data plan
 No need to opt out of ads personalization
 Browse websites faster with ad remover
 Save battery life
 Built-in ad blocker local VPN
  Filter error trackers social tracker malware and spamming.

Our AdBlocker app has remove ads feature with a web filter that works on all Android phones & tablets. With high-level built-in local Vpn and ublock origin Adblock authorizes you to have an ads free browsing activity to view only the content you want to see and enjoy ad-free web browsing. Ads remover block advertisements with all web browsers and is a highly compatible ad blocker for chrome. It is also well compatible ad blocker for Firefox and Samsung Internet Browser.

Ad remover is a powerful application that provides no ad experience with the support of all web browsers. The advertisement blocker app has an excellent ad blocker protocol that block ads that annoys you while online streaming. Easy ad killer designs for most advanced browsers like Chrome Samsung Internet Firefox and other internet explorers. You can also use the ads remover app in your incognito or private mode of browser. Block advertisement makes browser services faster and saves the battery of your device.

Types of ads block
• Block banner ads
• Stop ads that promptly appear like pop-ups
• Blocks Video ads & rich media advertisement
• Remove ads & activity tracker
• Blocks floating ads and text ads

Web ad blocker is a perfect solution to stop or kill ads from online websites and games on Android devices. In contrast to different ads blockers our ads remover app doesn't require root access. You can add or remove ad filtering hosts from host management and premium users will be able to add custom hosts. Add blocker host management is a great controlling feature for users. The ads blocker app has multiple ad blocking ways to get free of intrusive ads. It makes your web surfing faster more protected and further safe with ublock android!

Browser ad blocker protects your privacy with browser adblock that makes a better browsing experience.

Now your ad-free internet surfing dream comes true with our ad remover app. You need to install Web Ad Blocker & Ad Remover application on your android device to block advertisement. The app will stop ads from showing you.

Mod Info:
๏ Premium Features Unlocked
๏ AOSP Compatible (No Google)
๏ Multi Languages
๏ CPUs: universal
๏ Debug Info Removed

What's New: 
Fixed minor and major bugs.
Available in 10 popular languages.

This app has credit advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:



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