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Hillside Drive – Hill Climb v0.8.6-67 (Mod – free shopping)


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Hillside Drive – Hill Climb v0.8.6-67 (Mod – free shopping)

Rock your world in an incredible car racing hill climb game! Race Now!

Download Hillside Drive – Hill Climb MOD APK


Hillside Drive Mod APK Game is a 2D driving game that’s similar in style to titles like Hill Climb Racing and Prime Peaks. In this case, you have to try to make it to the end of a track full of hills, potholes, jumps, and other obstacles. To be successful, not only do you have to have excellent control of your vehicle, but also work on improving it little by little.

The controls in Hillside Drive are simple. You just have to touch the left side of the screen to use the brake and tilt your vehicle back when it’s in the air. Meanwhile, if you touch the right side, you can speed up and tilt the vehicle forward. That’s all you need to know in order to drive full-speed around the track.

One of the things you have to worry about in Hillside Drive is how much gas you have left. Your vehicle will run out of gas quickly, so you need to constantly pick up cans in order to get far. It’s also important to collect all the coins you see along the way, since they’ll give you the possibility to improve your vehicles. You can improve the engine, the wheels, the suspension, and of course, the gas tank.

Hillside Drive Mod APK is a fun driving game that offers perfect controls for touchscreens and attractive graphics. The game also offers more than a dozen vehicles to unlock, each with a variety of paint and other decorative elements for you to customize.



Hillside Drive – Hill Climb MOD APK Info:

Free in-app purchase

Download Hillside Drive – Hill Climb APK



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