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Homicide Squad: New York Cases v2.35.5200 (Mod – Money)


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Homicide Squad: New York Cases v2.35.5200 (Mod – Money)

Search for clues, find hidden objects or match gems in a row, and solve cases!

Download Homicide Squad: New York Cases MOD APK


Homicide Squad: New York Cases Mod APK Game is a pure mystery and investigation game where you have to solve crimes using clues and eye-witness testimonies.

If you love crime thrillers and dream of solving troubling cases, then you’ll love Homicide Squad Hidden Crimes. Now you have the opportunity to play a young detective who’s ready to solve all the cases that come her way. The game offers tons of crimes to solve, but you won’t be able to move on to another until you’ve solved the one at hand first.

To solve the case, you’ll have to pay close attention to all the evidence found at the crime scene. However insignificant or strange some objects may seem, they’re all important. Of course, you also need all the intuition of a great detective as well.

During your investigation, it’s important to talk to other agents and witnesses. You’ll also have completely detailed files for the victims. What more could you possibly need to solve a case?

If you like mystery games, then this is the app for you. With Homicide Squad Hidden Crimes, you can play alone or with friends. Discover what happened to the victims and make sure the guilty criminals pay for their crimes in Homicide Squad: New York Cases Mod APK


NEW HIDDEN OBJECT SCENE – 8-year-old Kaiden Mercer has gone missing after visiting Santa! Can you help the detectives unravel this urgent investigation before it’s too late?
CHRISTMAS EVENT – Tackle six quests and 32 collections to get the "Santa Claus" Medal and the Christmas Airship decoration, offering five universal tokens and one fidget spinner every 24 hours for 3 months.
FIXES & IMPROVEMENTS – Experience key optimizations!

Homicide Squad: New York Cases MOD APK Info:

Unconditional use of diamonds and banknotes

Download Homicide Squad: New York Cases APK



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