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Drift Max City – Car Racing in City v2.92 (Mod – Free Shopping)


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Drift Max City – Car Racing in City v2.92 (Mod – Free Shopping)

King of drifting games! Feel the joy of driving in city!

Download Drift Max City MOD APK

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Drift Max City Mod APK Game is a 3D racing game where your objective is not to be the the fastest, but rather to get the best and highest number of drifts before crossing the finish line. But you can’t spend too much time drifting, since you’ll start to lose points if you go over the time limit.

The game offers several different control systems: you can steer using your terminal’s accelerometer (tilting your device from side to side) or by simply using the tactile buttons on the screen. Regardless of which option you choose, the driving is very fluid and responds really well to your actions.

In Drift Max City you have six different cars to choose from (only one of them will be unlocked at the beginning) that you can trick out however you’d like. You can change the color of the paint job, add vinyls, customize the wheels, etc. Also, when it comes time to race, you can choose between five different circuits (only one is unlocked at the beginning).

Drift Max City is a very fun driving game whose main strength is the refined control system that responds perfectly. The game’s graphics, while not quite reaching the benchmark set by other games of this genre, are also noteworthy.


- Minor bug fixes.
- Some performance improvements.

Drift Max City MOD APK Info:

Free Shopping: The MOD version allows you to shop without limits. Even, you can still buy when the money is negative.

Download Drift Max City APK



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