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VMOS Pro v1.5.4 [Mod]


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VMOS Pro v1.5.4 [Mod]
Requirements: Android 5.1+
Overview: VMOS is a virtual machine app on Android, that can run another Android OS as the guest operating system. VMOS also gives the user the option to run the guest Android as a rooted Android OS. Also the guest Android operating has the Google Play Store and other Google apps. 


What's New:
• Compatible with Android 12 version first released! 
• You need to uninstall the previous normal version of VMOS Pro to install. If you have important information, remember to back up the virtual machine; 
• It needs to be used with [VMOS Assistant]; 
• If the normal version of VMOS Pro cannot hang in the background, Android 11 will also You can try this version.
• Solve the problem of pop-up camera pop-up every time the APP is launched on the mobile phone with pop-up camera; 
• Solve some crash issues.
• The ROM market function is online, you can upload works when you become an author, and you will get benefits if you download it 
• Create a new creation center function, where authors can publish, manage, and withdraw works

Mod Info:
⋆ Built-in avatar and name
⋆ Remove the virtual machine to update the little red dot
⋆ Unlocked third-party ROM cannot be backed up
⋆ No login to unlock membership function
⋆ Remove ads
⋆ Remove update prompt
⋆ Download common tools without looking at ads
⋆ Remove forced ROM update
⋆ Free download on ROM market.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:



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