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MATVT Mouse Toggle For Android TV v1.0.6


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MATVT Mouse Toggle For Android TV v1.0.6
Requirements: 7.0+
Overview: Virtual Mouse for Android TV that can be controlled via remote itself


Virtual Mouse for Android TV that can be controlled via remote itself.

Updated ATV Mouse-Toggle APK, made for TV-sets with AndroidTV OS and/or devices with AndroidTV software.

This release introduces an auto-detect for BossKey
It also introduces scrolling by pointing the mouse to sides
(Please enable "Bordered Window" and "Boss key Toggle" to check this out!)

MATVT is intended for users running Android TV / Flipphone (Android version 7+, limited functionality on Android 6 flipphone) and have a big remote with at least the following:

-DPAD (for up, down, left, right and center buttons)
-A spare key to toggle mouse mode (we call it the BossKey)
-Color buttons (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue)
-Info button

After installing this app, you'll get a mouse cursor that can move around, perform clicks and left / right / up / down swipes from your remote itself without any extra hardware (no need to pair with an android phone / laptop etc)

A huge thanks to SweenWolf dev for the contributions to this app.

-May only work on AndroidTV 7.0 and above. 
-Make sure to allow App Permission in Android Settings for {Display_over_other_apps} before first use, then activate the Accessibility setting for Mouse Toggle Service and then Configure.
-By default BossKey uses "Info" key or long-press "Mute" key to activate depending on the remote, can be changed in the Configuration to different Button according to its Key-Code number.
-Example "Skip" remote button = MEDIA_SKIP_FORWARD = key-code 272
-Enable option {Will_Boss_Key_Toggle} to have the BossKey cycle through 3 options: MouseOn, Scrolling, D-Pad/MouseOff

What's New: 
Version 1.0.6
-Added Boss Key Detection Method
-Auto-detect scanning for BossKey
(program a button key-code with DETECT option)
-Scrolling by pointing the mouse to sides
(First enable "Bordered_Window" and "Boss_Key_Toggle" to use this feature)

Tested On Onn Box, Smart Android TV & 2 Other Boxes

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More Info:


Download Instructions:



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