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melonDS vBeta 1.7.0 PS build 21


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melonDS vBeta 1.7.0 PS bulid 21
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: melonDS is a free, open-source and highly customizable emulator. Its main features include:

Screenshot Image

melonDS is a free, open-source and highly customizable emulator. Its main features include:

• Light and dark themes
• Customizable controller layouts and backgrounds: create the best layout for each individual game with only what you really need
• Fast-forward support: skip cutscenes and tedious parts at high speed
• Save state support: save your progress at any point and return to it instantly
• Cheat code support: import cheats to help you advance in your adventures or unlock special features (no cheats are provided out of the box)
• Gamepad support: control the game using your wired or Bluetooth controllers

• No ROM files are provided. You must extract ROM files from your own cartridges and/or systems
• Emulation requires the use of custom BIOS and firmware files extracted from a real system

What's New: 
Added support for rewinding. This automatically saves your state, periodically allowing you to quickly jump back in time when you made a mistake in the game.
Included screenshots in save states
Allowed to delete save states
Added buttons to quickly save and load state (not present in default layout)
Changed the design of the settings screen. Each category is now grouped on a separate screen.
Added volume setting
Added audio delay setting
Prevent zip files from being selected as the ROM search directory (select devices only)
Added Russian translation (thanks @ 6lackmag3)
Other minor fixes and improvements

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More Info:


Download Instructions:



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