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Spell Corrector _ Spell Check v 2.1 [Subscribed]


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Spell Corrector _ Spell Check v 2.1 [Subscribed]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: The new and easy English spell checker keyboard is well designed for your daily use. This keyboard will scan through your text and suggest you correct English spelling if you have an error in your text

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This fast and amazing spelling checker keyboard will change your inaccurate or wrongly spell words into more professional-looking text by using advanced English spell corrector technology. It is fast and easy to use, it really helps you to correct your daily English spelling mistakes and do the spelling check constantly.

If you are typing text and sending emails on daily basis using your smartphone, then this English spell checker keyboard app will help you in spelling check and using correct English in it. So you don’t need to worry about the spelling or writing the wrong words. This spell checker keyboard checks the text constantly so if you write a wrong word, it will suggest you correct spelling within few seconds, the suggestion will contain correct spelling as well as other related words which you can use with it. This spelling checker app compares your text to the database which is updated constantly.

Get this free English spelling checker keyboard before sending your messages or email to anyone and check text constantly while you are typing, no need to type and then check for any errors, spell checker keyboard will give you correct spelling without any processing or time. This spell corrector app also helps in learning the spelling of the words and what other words you can use while typing.

Once you have been corrected by this app, you will remember the correct spelling of that word and then it will be easy for you to type the correct word next time. The spell corrector keyboard is fast and responsive; you will not feel like you are typing it on any other keyboard, it will function like your stock keyboard without any problem. Sometimes how do you spell is not the correct way and you don’t know what the correct word is. So we have the option to check spelling online that what is the right spelling of that specific word and what you mean if you just write a few letters of that word on this English spell checker keyboard.

The English language is one of the important languages to write or speak. And you can’t write it correctly if you don’t know the correct spelling of the words. So correct spelling is the most important thing to have in this time and this can be easily achieved with this spell checker application. This spell checking app also helps children in writing words online or in any document. This spell corrector will also help them in learning these words and spelling of these words which are a great tool for their education also. The app itself is simple and easy with all the instructions inside it. Just follow these instructions and install it in no time. Check the setting for more options about the English spelling checker and correct writing options.

Download this English spelling checker application on your smartphone and no need to worry about the correct spelling again. Use this app on daily basis and correct your spelling mistakes with this amazing spelling checking tool. Do let us know what you think and stuff needs improvement so that we can fix it in future updates.

What's New: 
New User Experience
Multiple Modules added
Conversation Module
Text Translator Integrated
Dictionary added
Enhanced Performance

☆Paid features unlocked
Ads Layout removed/Ad activity Removed
Optimized Graphics/Zipaligned
Debug Info Removed

This app has no advertisements

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