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Eqfy Equalizer FX v1.2.5 build 46 [Paid]


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Eqfy Equalizer FX v1.2.5 build 46 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: Powerful Premium Music Equalizer. Eqfy is a powerful audio graphic equalizer that works with Spotify (android) and other music and audio apps to enhance and improve music and sound quality for best listening experience.

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Improve your music sound quality with clear bass and treble!

Eqfy equalizer is a powerful 10-Band audio graphic equalizer for Spotify (android) and other music and audio apps to enhance and improve music and audio quality for best listening experience.

Eqfy equalizer is based on advanced 'RE Equalizer' with friendly user interface which is easy to use and also includes the powerful audio engine of RE Equalizer to achieve best in class sound quality results from music and audio apps.

Main Features:
- Dedicated Audio Engine
* Directly connects to Spotify or any music player that supports equalizer such as YouTube Music
* Global Output works with other music and audio apps
- Sound Booster
* Updated multi 10-Band equalizer with powerful pre-amp Gain (Loudness Enhancer / volume boost)
- Optimized Audio Effects
* Amplifier effect
* Sound Balance to adjust the volume of left right stereo channels
* Deep Bass (Bass Boost)
* Surround (Virtualizer)
* Reverb Effect
- Music Visualizer with peak values
- 21 Configurable Presets for Equalizer
* Factory presets (Rock, Pop, Classic, Dance... etc)
* Custom slots for user presets
* All presets customizable
* Save/Read presets as file
- Quick and responsive user interface

Eqfy equalizer allows users to enjoy and take full advantage of superior high quality music experience from Spotify and other music apps such as YouTube Music and to be considered as primary choice in music and audio equalizers.
Note: Your feedback is appreciated and important to us. Feel free to contact us anytime.
Eqfy is not the part of Spotify or any other software and acts as a standalone third-party app. Spotify is the registered trademark of Spotify Group.

Whats New:
- Amplifier effect
- More custom presets and sound improvements
- Global Gain option added to fix Gain issues on some devices
- Balance feature added (for Android 9 or above)
- Assign presets to Wired / Bluetooth Connections
- Background Start option added to Settings
- Fixed Bugs/Issues

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