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InnerHour Self-Care Therapy: Anxiety & Depression v3.55 [Premium]


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InnerHour Self-Care Therapy: Anxiety & Depression v3.55 [Premium]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: Make self-care a priority with InnerHour.

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Make self-care a priority with InnerHour

Find the strength, skills, & resources to overcome depression, beat anxiety, tackle stress, sleep better, & improve your overall mental health.

InnerHour is your safe space for self-care.

We believe in quality mental health support. Our psychiatrists and psychologists have used their insights from therapy along with the latest science in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness to translate the real-life therapy experience into self-care modules.

Change your life for the better with 400+ therapy-based self-help tools designed for depression, anxiety, stress and other mental health concerns.

▌Six self-care courses

No matter what your mental health need is InnerHour has got you covered.

• Depression: Find hope by overcoming depression
• Anxiety: Attain calm with anxiety-relief strategies
• Sleep: Develop healthy sleep habits
• Stress: Keep stress at bay & feel calm and in control
• Anger: Learn strategies to let go of anger
• Happiness: Cultivate positivity & happiness in your life

▌Personalised 4-week plans

We know that each person has unique mental health needs. Our scientific assessment - built by mental health experts - allows us to personalise your self-care journey for depression anxiety stress sleep & more.

Each day you will get...

1. Self-care activities

Learn skills for good mental health with our simple activities - each of which draws from real-life therapy and mental health research in the fields of CBT Positive Psychology or Mindfulness.

Practise affirmations find mindfulness meditations get guided journal exercises & more!

2. Goal setting and tracking

Build habits for good mental health that will last a lifetime by setting and tracking self-care goals. This CBT-inspired feature will empower you to stay on track to become your best version.

3. Mood tracking

Do you feel low anxious or stressed during the day? Use our therapy-based mood tracker to build self-awareness & to check-in with yourself. Get insights into your mental health & figure out simple self-care solutions to feel better over time.

4. InnerHour Resources

Keep learning keep growing with mental health resources like articles tips and inspiring quotes from our therapists. For example you will:

• Understand the causes of depression
• Learn about the symptoms of anxiety
• Know how to tell if it’s time to go to therapy

Your self-care plan is a reflection of what happens in real-life therapy. Over 4 weeks we hope to help you practise skills to battle depression sleep better get anxiety relief tackle stress & ultimately attain good mental health.

Check out our other self-care tools:

• Access additional self-help courses

Get support for more specific concerns like overthinking social anxiety loneliness. Just like in therapy you can work on these specific areas in addition to your main plan.

• Feel less alone with Allie

Allie is our intelligent chatbot who identifies your mental health difficulty at the moment - be it anxiety stress or depression - and offers simple activities to help you feel calm and relaxed immediately.

• Find well-being in 2021

Access our limited-period self-care courses to stick to your new year goals find hope & to find all the mental health support to make this year the best one yet. More coming soon!

Treat yourself to unlimited self-care starting today.

The InnerHour Self-Care Therapy app is free to download for all. A number of our offerings are available for free including our Foundation courses the Relief Bot Self-Care Goals the Mood Tracker and InnerHour Resources.

For any questions you can reach out to us on
Visit our website: https://www.theinnerhour.com/

Mod Info:
๏ Premium Features Unlocked
๏ AOSP Compatible (No Google)
๏ Multi Languages
๏ CPUs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64
๏ Debug Info Removed

Note: Please ignore the error in the Premium tab, Premium features will work

What's New: 
Ongoing support from your therapist and psychiatrist
For all our Indian users: In addition to booking sessions with mental health professionals, you can now access customised tools and resources that your provider will share with you between sessions.

Notifications for interactions on your Community posts
We recently launched an online Community on the Depression programme. You can now connect with others more easily and stay updated about your posts!

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