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iNote OS15 - Phone 13 Notes v2.6.3 (Pro)


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iNote OS15 - Phone 13 Notes v2.6.3 (Pro)
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: The notes  app on phone 13 is a very good but it's not available on Android phones. So we created this app to serve you who really love OS15-style apps.

Screenshot ImageIn our daily life we always need applications to help us remember diary or reminders iNote can help you do these things easily. Not only that but also has an intuitive interface like an phone 13 allowing you to customize notes to create your own style that will give users a lot of new and interesting experiences.

iNote can work perfectly offline even without an Internet connection no login required and really secure. This OS15-style note-taking app is suitable for everyone

Features of iNote:
- OS15 phone 13 style-like user interface and features easy to use
- Write notes and to-do lists for free with iNote
- Sort notes by time character size ..
- Create to-do lists and shopping lists just like the Phone 14
- The OS15 note-taking app helps you create reminders wherever you are
- Arrange work by importance or normal by pinned mode
- Share notes and checklists in photo or handwriting with colleagues friends and relatives
- Resize notes text flexibly
- Align text search in notes like a real Phone 14
- Lock notes count the number of words in your note

If you like the app please rate 5 stars for us and if find bugs or have suggestions for improvement please contact me:

★★★ MOD INFO ★★★
◉ Pro Features (Unlocked)
◉ Ads (disabled)
◉ All ads links (removed)
◉ Most of Analytics (disabled)
◉ CPUs (Universal)
◉ Google billing (disabled)
◉ All debug Info (removed)
◉ Original Signature (Changed)
Modded by Mixroot

What's New: 
No changelog.

This app has credit advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:



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