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PhoneTrans v5.3.0.20211103{fully activated}


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PhoneTrans v5.3.0.20211103{fully activated}
Requirements:  Windows 10, 8, 7 - 64bit
Overview: PhoneTrans makes it easy to transfer everything you need to Android phones and IOS phones and tablets with just one click in any way you like.

PhoneTrans offers 3 migration options from one device to another so you can transfer data directly from phone to phone. Whether you want to move everything with one click or just specific data you need, and whether you want to 1: 1 clone the data and settings of your previous phone to a new one or merge the contents of two phones, easily and at once ...

Backing Up and Restoring What You Want to a New Phone
Besides transferring directly from phone to phone, you can also perform data transfer by restoring from a backup. That way, even if your previous phone isn't around, you can still transfer important data, files and settings to your new phone.

Transferring data from iTunes library, iCloud and Google account
PhoneTrans brings multiple sources together, trying its best to help you transfer all the data and files you want to your new iOS / Android device, even if it's scattered around in different places. Imagine being able to transfer your favorite songs from iTunes library, download important contacts from iCloud, and save precious memories from Google Photos. Is not that great? In fact, there is something better - you don't need to worry about compatibility issues, as all data will be automatically converted to the format your phone supports.

Why transfer from PhoneTrans?
• Easily switch between iPhone, iPad and more than 20,000 Android phones and tablets from various manufacturers with automatic data conversion to a compatible format.
• The only solution that covers over 32 iOS / iPadOS data types and over 12 Android data types, transfers everything you need daily, including WhatsApp apps and data.
• There is always a suitable migration mode: Phone to Phone, Backup to Phone, iCloud / Google Account to Phone, or iTunes Library to Phone.
• PhoneTrans gives you complete control over what and how you want to move, with full one-click migration and selective migration of the content you want.
• You do not have to overwrite existing data on the new phone. And there is no need to reboot the device before migrating. This ensures that you are protected from any risk of data loss.
• No technical knowledge or skills required. Even your grandparents or newbies can migrate as they please in a couple of simple and quick clicks.

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