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Stargon Browser v3.5.1 [Mod]


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Stargon Browserr v3.5.1 [Mod]
Requirements: 5.0+ | RU
Overview: The Stargon browser is an lightweight web browser, but has 30 built-in features. Swipe gestures will allow you to go backwards and forwards as fast as turning pages in a book. It's also a secure web browser that blocks safe browsing and discoverable hidden tracking tools.

Screenshot Image

Main functions
Gestures - you can scroll through web pages, how to turn pages of a book.
Ad unit - Ad filters help you remove unwanted ads from your web pages.
DNS VPN - Protects you from DNS operations, and in some countries you can circumvent HTTPS censorship.
Custom fonts - Users can apply fonts, sizes, and thicknesses to web pages.
Night mode - supports high-performance night mode, which reduces eye strain.
Downloader - A built-in downloader that can download images and videos and view them.
Full Screen - Full screen capability for immersing web pages.
Capture - There is a web capture function for full, continuous and partial screenshots.
Safe Browsing - Safe browsing is possible if you block dangerous sites in advance.
Secret mode - You can start the secret mode anytime, anywhere without secret tabs.
Translate - Translate the web using the Google translation system.

The Stargon browser has many built-in add-ons. QR Code Includes all necessary functions such as scanner, gallery, image file search, image editing, premium file upload, PC mode, download archive and more.

What's New: 
* Optimization and speed improvement.
* Modification of the security policy to enable capturing in secret mode.
* Added custom agent customization function.
* Improved "Image Lock" performance.
* Added "Close other tabs" function.
* Fixed PC mode bug.
* Other performance improvements and bug fixes. 

★★★ MOD ★★★
- Languages: Russian
- Fixed translation
- Removed debug information, analytics, trackers
- Editing the menu layout (name in 2 lines)
- Download videos from YouTube to User-agents iPhone, iPad

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:



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