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Arabic alphabet for beginners v34 [Unlocked]


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Arabic alphabet for beginners v34 [Unlocked]
Requirements: 4.2+
Overview: This application is designed to aid in the study of the letters of the Arabic alphabet and learning to read.

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This application is designed to aid in the study of the letters of the Arabic alphabet and learning to read.
The course is divided into 27 lessons, each lesson being studied one letter (except the first lesson), given its description, examples of use.
All examples are announced.
On the initial page of the application is a menu that includes: "Introduction", which provides a summary of the Arabic language and description of the program; "Alphabet" in the alphabet it is represented as a table.
In each lesson there is a test to check the material covered .
To facilitate the study and understanding of the lessons are arranged in ascending order of difficulty, from easy to difficult, so start learning must be the first lesson, and as learning material , move on to the next lesson. First, go the whole lesson, leafing through a button located on the bottom, back and forth, listening to the pronunciation of all words, and if necessary in spite of the transliteration. Then turn off the pronunciation and transliteration and read the entire lesson themselves, after independent reading each word, check yourself by clicking on the audio button (located at the bottom of the screen). Then go test (button located on top right) and in the case of a successful move on to the next lesson. If you have any difficulty you can take a lesson again.
While on this program, you easily learn the Arabic letters and learn to read Arabic.

What's New: 
Bugs fixed.

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