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Armor Theme for Klwp V1 - ARMY v1.4 [Patched]


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Armor Theme for Klwp V1 - ARMY v1.4 [Patched]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: Klwp Pro and Nova Launcher are required.

Screenshot Image

Installed file size is bigger than normal is because of Gif files. You can replace default Gifs with your favourite Gifs easily. The actual size of klwp file is just about 4Mb.

Support different aspect ratios.

Please take a look at the video below to see how theme works in case that you cannot watch the promo video of the theme on Play Store.



+ 3 pages setup. Therefore, you will need to set 3 pages for both your homescreen and klwp editor.

+ First page: is Music page with animated music visualizer. The default Music Player used in this theme is Youtube Music. If you want to change to your favorite app, please look for the group named such as: "Music - Touch to launch Music App".

+ Second page is Homepage with following sections:

1. Homepage section: with animated or static wallpaper (you can switch between them in Settings section).

2. Weather section: you can access this section by tapping the Weather icon. The default weather app used in this theme is Today Weather (free). If you want to change to your favorite app, please look for the group named such as: "Weather - Touch to launch Weather App".

3. Calendar section: you can access this section by tapping the Date widget.

4. Settings section: you can access this section by tapping the Gear icon. There are 10 different colors with 4 different modes which are:

a. Gif mode: switching between 3 static wallpapers and 3 animated gifs. If you replace default gifs with your gifs, please edit the width parameter of the Gif item to make it fit.

b. Theme mode: switching between Dark and Light mode.

c. Icon mode: switching between color icons and non-color icons.

d. Panel's Picture mode:  switching between panels with picture and panels without picture.

(Icon colors and Pictures of Panels are globalised, so you can change theme easily in Globals tab. Please take a look at videos below to see how to do that)

Please take a look at the folder below to see:

a. How to load theme at the first time.
b. How to replace default apps with your favourite apps.
c. How to change rss sources.
d. How to change pictures and colors of Panels and Icons.


5. Notifications section: you can access this section by tapping the Bell icon.

+ Third page is News page with different sources.


+ Please following screenshots and video in this link below to see how to config Nova settings or force wallpaper scrolling:


(Hiding Navigation bar is not necessary for this theme, because I left the space for them. You can keep your navigation bar if you want)

+ When you load theme at the first time, please look for these following Globals to reload the fonts for the theme:

- fontmain
- fontsbut
- fonthour.

Please just try to select again the default fonts or you can try with your favorite fonts. If you are not doing this step, Klwp will use the default fonts on your phone.

+ The width of icons: because of the different aspect ratios, icons may look wider or narrower. To make them look fit, I have already set a global named:

- iconwid.

Its default value is 100. Please just adjust its value to make icons size look better on your phone.

Finally, thank you very much for your reading and watching. If you have any questions about using this theme or my other packages, please email me any time at: , I will respond you quickly.

Special thanks to:
+ Frank Monza: the creator of Klwp Editor.
+ Brandon Craft for his codes of Calendar items.
+ Atul Charde, Kreativa, http://istore.graphics for templates.
+ Creators of Pictures and Videos (free from pixabay.com and videezy.com)

What's New: 
Supported 1 more new aspect ratio.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:



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