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Smart Book v2.6 [Premium]


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Smart Book v2.6 [Premium]
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview:  Any language is best learned by reading literature in that language

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But when reading foreign literature the main problem is the words or parts of the text that are unfamiliar in the text.

In Smart Book App you can translate them with one click.

 In addition when translating a book the context and what the author wanted to say with this or that speech turn is not always clear. And even knowing all the words from the sentence you still may not understand its meaning.

 Smart Book is a parallel book reader.

 The application provides the ability to view the author's translation of any paragraph in one click. Parallel text is easy to read and translate. You can select any part of the text for translation and translate it with a translation service that suits you.

 The app supports translators Google Microsoft Yandex Reverso Context Oxford Dictionaries LingvaNex Just Translated Nlp Translation.

 The application has the ability to read any word or paragraph. And using Oxford Dictionaries you can hear the pronunciation of words from native speakers.

 You can add any unfamiliar word to the built-in dictionary for repetition and export to Anki reWord and other applications.

 Bookmarks change fonts sizes colors and other settings for easy reading.

 Statistics of your daily use calculation of the time left until the end of the book the difficulty of the books in the original ratings for comparison between other users.

 A constantly expanding internal library is available.

 The application has a fb2 reader and an epub reader. However you can download any book in fb2 epub or txt format. Fb2 reader will open any book and you can translate and read it just as easily. Epub reader will even open picture books.

 Supports Russian English Belarusian Czech Danish German Greek Spanish Estonian Finnish French Italian Lithuanian Latvian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Turkish Ukrainian and about 100 more languages.

Bilingual books and parallel books in smartbook with reader translator and smart translate

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Release by Lunadev

What's New: 
- Redesign
- Highlighting saved phrases in the text
- Added translators NLP Translation and Just Translated
- Added display of usage examples with translation to translations of words from Yandex
- Added translation, different pronunciations from native speakers and interpretation of words from Oxford Dictionaries
- Changed the behavior of the quick translation panel. Now its opening works by swipe
- Translation of any part of the text by double-clicking now works on all devices

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