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Sound Sampler v7.4 [Paid/Patched]


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Sound Sampler v7.4 [Paid/Patched]
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: Sound Sampler is a soundboard app for playing sounds on button click.

Screenshot Image
The sounds are customizable and are selected from media files (sound or video) from your device storage or online. You can create your own unique soundboard. There are different types of buttons for different playing options and you can control sound volume, balance, pitch and speed. Also file cropping and fade in/out and effects like ping pong are available.

App features:
- set custom sound files from your device (audio or video) for button
- use different types of play (loop, start/stop on press etc...)
- adjust individual sound volume, balance, pitch and speed
- use file cropping for sound
- fade in/out
- ping pong effect
- stop fade out
- millisecond definition for effects length
- export and import button configurations
- custom number of buttons
- change button position (drag and drop using long click)
- set button name
- control master volume, pitch, sound and balance

How to change the sounds:
- Go to Menu and turn EDIT MODE on
- press button and select a file to be associated with this button or input online file URL.
- adjust volume and balance for the sound
- you can use file cropping by enabling it and selecting start and end times
- you can use fade in/out by enabling it and selecting start and end fade length
- Exit the EDIT MODE (Menu - EDIT MODE)


TYPE1: Green
- On Click - Plays the file

TYPE2: Blue
- On Click - Plays the file
- On second click - stops playing

TYPE3: Red
- On Click - Plays the file
- On release - stops playing

TYPE4: Yellow
- On Click - Plays the file loop
- On release - stops playing

TYPE5: Orange
- On Click - Plays the file
- On next click - pauses playing
- On next click - resumes playing

- Button Type - select button type
- Button position - set button position
- Select File - select sound file from file on your device. Files can be audio, video or midi.
- Button Name - set button name.
- Volume - set volume
- Balance - set balance (left - right)
- Pitch - set pitch.
- Speed - set speed for this sound.
- File Crop - used for cropping sound from file. Set start and end position timing. End position must be bigger than start position.
- Fade - set fade in and fade out.
- Stop fade out - set fading out on sound stop. Set fade out length.
- Enable ping pong - sets ping pong panning effect (moves sound left and right).

General time format is:


For all time intervals you can fill values in format like:
- SECONDS.MILLISECONDS - example - 20.128 means 20 seconds and 128 milliseconds
- MINUTES:SECONDS.MILLISECONDS - 10:25.424 means 10 minutes, 25 seconds and 424 milliseconds
- HOUR:MINUTES:SECONDS.MILLISECONDS - 1:10:20.024 means 1 hour, 10 minutes, 20 seconds and 24 milliseconds

Master volume, pitch and speed controls control volume, pitch and speed for all sounds simultaneously. You can hide/show controls in Settings - Controls.
You can enable/disable controls using checkboxes.
You can reset controls to default position using Reset buttons [R] next to them.

What's New: 
Sound Sampler is an soundboard app for playing sounds from media files from your phone storage.
You can assign any sound or video file to a button.

Important: for Android 11 app folder is hard set to: Android/data/com.gyokovsolutions.soundsampler/files/SoundSampler

- option to load text script file for automation
- option to use command to press several buttons simultaneously
- option to resume playing of TYPE5 buttons on app restart
- import folder of files

NO L/P or Modded GP Needed
Debug Info Removed

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:



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