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Personal Work Shift Schedule & Calendar v1.8 [Pro]


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Personal Work Shift Schedule & Calendar v1.8 [Pro]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: Personal Work Shift Schedule & Calendar app is a personal work calendar plan to help shift-workers stay on track of their busy work schedule

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Create up to 10 calendars which can allow to use for multiple shift multiple jobs friends and family or to add co-workers schedules.

*Edit Mode - you can select a range of dates (up to 30 dates in a row) to insert your shifts you can also select dates freely out of sequence.
- In Edit mode you can cut copy and paste shift from-to selected date.
- You can repeat your shift to 10 times 20 times 30 times and till 40 times.

*Backup & Restore - Backup & restore options to prevent data loss and also to allow for easy data transfer when moving to a new phone.

*Features :
- You can manage shift and change schedule which includes split shift rest time set per hour and per extra hour.
- Add notes image or reminders to individual dates
- Calculate shift worked hours overtime and vacation time for a week or month
- Add personalized notes to any of your shifts
- Enter your hourly rate and app show you an estimate of your monthly earnings
- Add as many shifts as you’d want and choose your own color text and header for each shift type.
- Share work shift calendar with colleagues friends or family
- Manage your work shift calendar plan your daily shift and calendar planner

*Settings :
- Set any day you want (Sunday Monday ... etc.) as first day of the week
- Change date format
- Set daily reminder and set daily reminder time

Pro+No Active Trackers
Release by Lunadev

What's New: 
** Android 11 compatible
** Added In-app Purchase for Premium Version

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:



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