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Final Rally: Extreme Car Racing v0.087 (Mod – free shopping)


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Final Rally: Extreme Car Racing v0.087 (Mod – free shopping)

A realistic rally racing game simulator easy to play.

Download Final Rally: Extreme Car Racing MOD APK

Final Rally: Extreme Car Racing v0.087 (Mod - free shopping)

Final Rally: Extreme Car Racing – quality rally racing simulator with excellent graphics on consoles. The player will become a professional racer, participating in the leading competitions of the rally. The possibility of achieving victory in the championship will be real, if the driver of the car rally will be able to show their maximum skills. With regular wins, the user will open new cars and improve them, which will give the opportunity to become the foremost representative of this kind of motor sport.

Take charge of fast racing

Do you think you have got what it takes to control sports cars steering wheels at fast racing speeds? Think again! We challenge you to handle the steering wheel with skill, fun and power. Win our fast racing challenge and the champions cup is yours! Immerse yourself in the skin of a rally racer thanks to the and experience an exhilarating rush of speed car adrenaline rush in your veins.

Realistic gameplay

Take a break from mainstream rally racing games and try out our cool, realistic stunt cat simulation game. Cranked up with realistic car racing sound effects and hyper quality graphics, the rally racing game is designed to offer you a lifelike racing experience right from the screen of your smartphone

Roaring stunt car

Make your speed car roar with the lifelike engine feel and sound effects with the ultimate fast racing game. Control your rally racing on multiple landscapes ranging from flat asphalt roads to hilly tracks and steep roads. You are on your own when it comes to winning rally car games 2019!

Drive beyond your limits

Crank up a notch for your rally car games 2019 racing experience with the most versatile rally racing game out there. Train, go beyond your own limits and beat your opponents. Challenge your rival riders and compete with them for an ultimate challenge.

Features of Final Rally: Extreme Car Driving Simulator

● Realistic game play featuring heightened sensation for speed racing fans
● 3D graphic vision and awesome realistic driving.
● Own and manage a real garage with a fun and stylish elements
● Many cars to drive on hundreds of tracks and drifts.
● Expand your collection: drive like a pro and unlock news cars
● Switch performance for each car.
● Boost your cars to reach the best scores.
● Customize the color of the body of your car
● Apply stickers and parade with your new vehicle.
● Equip your car with a wide choice of rims.
● Double your gains to acquire a more powerful car.
● 9 seasons and 108 challenging circuits for rally car games 2019 enthusiasts.
● 3 racing game modes to choose from: Rallycross, Time Trial and Championship.
● Graphic quality to personalize according to the power of your mobile.
● Choose the camera view with which you prefer to play.

How to play Final Rally: Extreme Car Driving Simulator

● Download and launch the app
● Hit the play button and pick your vehicle
● Choose a track and hit the start race button
● Choose the game play mode that suits you: auto or manual acceleration, tilt to steer, tap to steer, or steer with the steering wheel.

Do you like wrc? Would you like to step into an all new world of speed car racing with your favorite vehicles? Download and play Final Rally: Extreme Car Driving Simulator today!


Adding indoor camera
Hood mode restoration
Accelerometer bug fix
Button bug fixes
Added some translations


Download Final Rally: Extreme Car Racing APK



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