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Cover - Photo Lock: Hide Photos and Videos v2.5.46.c27b [Premium]


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Cover - Photo Lock: Hide Photos and Videos v2.5.46.c27b [Premium]
Requirements: 4.4 and up
Overview: Cover is a unique photo lock app

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Unlike other photo lock apps this is the first video and photo vault app with an automatic explicit content detection and content blocker feature.

Do you need NSFW content automatically blocked? With Cover it’s easy. Inappropriate content sensitive pictures & video files are detected and automatically moved to a secure folder. The best thing is that only you have access to the secure folder!

Secret Photo Vault + Automatic NSFW content blocker = Cover
If you need to hide photos and only you have access to the secure folder our Photo Vault feature is great for you.
We know that you are busy and you don’t always have time to do it manually Cover’s automatic NSFW explicit content blocker is made for you! NSFW explicit content is blocked and moved to a secure folder and you don’t need to do anything. Simple as that.

WHY COVER? -We’ve got you covered!

Your content stays yours hide photos underlock videos and keep NSFW explicit content in a secure folder. Cover app locks your files in an encrypted secure folder photo vault with password protection (a PIN or a fingerprint). This secure folder is unbreakable and only you have access to it!

There are hundreds of photo vaults out there. They all do the same thing so here's what makes this secret photo vault app different from a generic photo lock tool for Android:

Automatic Safe Gallery: sensitive pictures & videos are automatically
moved to a photo lock folder. No need to hide photos and video manually. Automatic content blocker!

Smart Notifications: Cover will subtly notify you if NSFW explicit content pictures or videos are detected.

Instant Explicit Content Blocker: Cover can block any inappropriate pictures or videos sent via Messenger Telegram Whatsapp & other messaging apps!

Think of Cover as a safe photo lock app which continually scans your device for inappropriate images & videos and moves them to a secure folder. You don't need to manually hide photos with NSFW sensitive content inside a gallery vault anymore! Cover doesn’t even need internet access to work! 

Real-time protection means that Cover runs 24/7 and does its best to hide pictures that are explicit content to your secure folder (gallery vault) keeping your phone "family-friendly" and your privacy protected. You'll never need to worry about someone looking at your image gallery again.

Cover also has your messages protected. It will be automatically hiding or "covering" inappropriate pictures sent via Messenger Whatsapp Telegram and more.

Automatic NSFW content blocker and secret photo vault in one app. Hide photos in a secure folder and feel protected. We’ve got you covered!

Modded by Lunadev

What's New: 
More feature updates to improve your experience with Cover.

We’ve expanded on the number of messenger apps that Cover is compatible with  to further protect your device from unwanted explicit content 

Auto-Hide Update 
Now supporting the following messaging apps:
- WhatsApp
- Telegram
- Facebook Messenger
- Viber
- Imo
- Kakao
- Line
- Kik
Explicit content can be detected and moved to a secure gallery.

Let us know what you think [email protected]

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