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ActionDash: Digital Wellbeing & Screen Time helper v7.7.5 [Plus]


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ActionDash: Digital Wellbeing & Screen Time helper v7.7.5 [Plus]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: ️ Trusted Globally By Over 1 Million Users to Break Their Phone Addiction

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️Featured by Google as an 'Essential App' on Play Store
️ Available in 17 Global Languages including English German Spanish French etc.

ActionDash takes the Digital Wellbeing app as a starting point makes it available to all Android users but it is more than that. ActionDash is here to help you find your phone/life balance and overcome your Phone Addiction. It also helps you Self-control and boost your Productivity by showing how much time you spend on your favorite apps and set app usage limits and enter "focus mode".

With ActionDash you will:

 reduce screen time
 stay focused
 reduce distraction
 detect noisy apps
 increase efficiency and productivity
 unplug more often 
 stop phubbing
 increase your digital wellbeing 
break phone addiction and manage your screen time
 spend quality time with family or yourself
 reduce wasted time with digital diet


Get a daily view of your digital habits:
★ Screen time: how much you use each apps and total
★ App launch history: how frequently you use different apps
★ Notification history: how many notifications you receive
★ Unlock history: how often you check your phone or unlock your device

Stay focused and self-control:
★ Focus mode: lets you pause distracting apps with a single tap so you can better focus your time. You can also set a schedule to turn on Focus mode automatically and reduce distractions while you’re at work school or home.
★ App usage limits: temporarily block any application that you are over-using and stay focused.

Have a deeper experience with enhanced insights:
 Screen time breakdown
 Your usage average
 Global usage average
 App session length breakdown

Thanks for using the app. We'd really appreciate if you could rate us 5 stars here on Google Play. Rating is very important to us in establishing trust with our user base. If you have any concerns or suggestions please let us know.

We love hearing from our users and getting their feedback! If you encounter any issues or have any suggestions to improve the app please feel free to write to us at [email protected] .

This app is maintained by Sensor Tower.

Modded by Lunadev

What's New: 
This version just comes with some improvements to how the app manages processes and data in the background. We are working to make ActionDash faster, smoother, and better than ever!

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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