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Blue Light Filter & Night Mode - Night Shift v4.01.1 [Pro] [Modded]


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Blue Light Filter & Night Mode - Night Shift v4.01.1 [Pro] [Modded]
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview:  Featured in the The Best Migraine Apps of 2020 list by Healthline

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4.7 stars and more than 80000 reviews
 More than 4 million happy users

Night Shift - Blue Light Filter for Migraine night shade is an optimal night filter created to provide warmlight night screen in order to ensure eye care against light blue wavelength from screen light and give you pleasant night reading while curing sleeplessness after twilight with night mode. Use night light anti glare to relieve eye strain and protect eyes from bluelight flux that can disrupt circadian rhythm cause insomnia and restlessness chronic migraine sleepless chronic headache glaucoma and cataract.

 What is blue light?

It's part of a natural light spectrum which disturbs the circadian rhythm and causes sleeplessness headache and bad eye health. Unlike red light night shade screen light bluelight blocks the secretion of melatonin sleep hormone and causes restlessness. Retinal neurons are in danger if night filter anti glare is not used after twilight for eye care.

 The negative effects of blue light flux are:

• Eye strain tired eyes and bad eye health
• Higher risk of glaucoma and cataract
• Phase shifting of the circadian rhythm restlessness and suppression of melatonin
• Chronic migraine pain and activation of the trigeminal nerve
• Chronic headache
• Insomnia sleepless night time and sleeplessness

Night Shift - Blue Light Filter for Migraine as your anti glare night screen and warmlight night mode helps you by relieving eye strain and chronic headache during night reading. Its red light night shade is best for eye care against light blue rays from
screen light that cause glaucoma melatonin deficiency and sleepless night time - insomnia. Cataract often develops slowly so start your tired eyes care and improve eye health with bluelight filter by using it as a twilight night light as soon as possible!

Night Shift - Blue Light Filter for Migraine includes:

 Premade blue light filters - Use one of 5 anti glare bluelight flux filters to activate night mode and warmlight (red light) for eye care against natural light blue rays. Relieve eye strain macular degeneration glaucoma and cataract with night filter during sleepless night reading.

 Saving and editing night mode filters - Create and edit a night shift filter to rest your tired eyes from screen light or make a set of night filters to protect eyes fix circadian rhythm sleeplessness insomnia and lack of melatonin after twilight.

 Dimming below system minimum - Use "Dim" night screen option to protect eyes from natural light blue rays. It's best for good eye health and chronic headache relief during night reading because it gives a night shade warmlight in form of a night light.

 Temperature customization - Use "Temperature" palette to set a warmlight (night mode) or cooler tint to your blue light filter. Twilight looking red light colors are recommended as a bluelight flux filter for tired eyes and used as a night shift for eye strain chronic migraine relief and sleepless restlessness.

 Color customization - Use "Color" palette to adjust the color tint intensity and dim for your night screen. Night filter provides eye care and relief from migraine pain caused by screen light.

 RGB customization - Fine-tune your natural light night reading filter. "R" - red light "G" - green "B" - light blue. Night light rests tired eyes with night shade and increase melatonin and prevent glaucoma.

 Automatic filter schedule - Choose the times in which the anti glare night mode will shift on and off to improve eye health. Ensure that blue light filter is always turned on after twilight to prevent cataract and fight insomnia and restlessness.

App help:

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Contact us: [email protected]

Release info:
Pro Unlocked
all ads links/inovkes Methods Removed
ads/analytics/crashlytics classes Removed
Unnecessary file's Cleaned
mainfest cleaned
few unnecessary menu items removed
Debug info removed
Modded by Lunadev

What's New: 
Thank you for using Night Shift. 

We regularly release updates to the app, which include great new features, as well as improvements for speed and reliability.

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